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These Diary Pages From Linda Bishop’s Last Days Are Upsetting, Yet Important

Linda Bishop was a well-educated mother from New Hampshire. She suffered from severe bipolar disorder with psychosis. She was homeless. She lived in an abandoned farmhouse for four months and lived off rainwater and apples through one of the coldest winters. And she documented it all in a diary so poignant, captivating and, yes, disturbing, it was turned into a documentary: God Knows Where I Am.

God Knows Where I Am is a study of “systemic failure and also a testament to the artistic and independent spirit of Linda Bishop,” according to the film’s description. It asks the question: If one’s mind is not free, how can one truly exercise free will? It questions societal norms for dealing with the homeless and mentally ill.

The following pages were scanned from Bishop’s diary. Paired along with comments from Bishop’s sister Joan Bishop, you too might just be compelled enough to watch the documentary, which features Footloose actress Lori Singer reading Linda Bishop’s words aloud.

Directed by filmmakers and brothers Todd Wider and Jedd Wider, God Knows Where I Am hits theaters in NYC today, March 31, at the Lincoln Plaza. It’ll then release April 7 in LA, followed by a national rollout.

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