Everything You Missed at the Oscars After-Parties (Like Jared Leto's Photobomb)

by Kathleen-Mae Ramas
Feb 27, 2017 at 3:47 p.m. ET

So, you watched the Oscars live on TV and caught all the spectacular — and not-so-spectacular — moments that Hollywood had to offer. With touching speeches, incredible wins and embarrassing blunders all wrapped up with glitter and gold for one night we couldn't forget, it's safe to say the Academy never fails to deliver. But what about those candid shots with celebrities in all their post-show glory? If you missed out, don't stress. Check out our rundown of all the best Oscars after-party moments.

1 /18: Jared Leto photobombs Kelly Ripa

1/18 :Jared Leto photobombs Kelly Ripa

Jared Leto took a number from Justin Timberlake's playbook for the night.

2 /18: Jessica Biel as a golden goddess

2/18 :Jessica Biel as a golden goddess

Aside from Timberlake's photobombing all night, the couple proved they were still ready to seriously slay.

3 /18: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's baby bump

3/18 :Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's baby bump

Alessandra Ambrosio marvels at the stunning mom-to-be, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

4 /18: Jen and Justin show up to show off

4/18 :Jen and Justin show up to show off

Jennifer Aniston and hubby Justin Theroux look totally flawless on Vanity Fair's Instagram.

5 /18: Picture perfect!

5/18 :Picture perfect!

Elizabeth Banks, Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon linked up for a group shot.

6 /18: What dress code?

6/18 :What dress code?

Gabrielle Union took all the risks by sporting her half-dress/half-bikini hybrid that still managed to be ultra-sexy.

7 /18: Versace on the floor

7/18 :Versace on the floor

What better way to relax than to go... skinny dipping? Halle Berry went for it.

8 /18: Party time

8/18 :Party time

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel snapped a shot with model Adriana Lima and actor Matt Damon.

9 /18: Just chillin'

9/18 :Just chillin'

Katy Perry rocks her platinum blond locks alongside her friend, actress Allison Williams.

10 /18: 'The Office' reunion!

10/18 :'The Office' reunion!

We got some serious OTP vibes seeing BFFs Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak hanging out.

11 /18: Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan reunite

11/18 :Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan reunite

With an abundance of reunions that tugged on heartstrings, nothing says dynamic duo like the stars of Rush Hour.

12 /18: Most awk kiss ever

12/18 :Most awk kiss ever

Terrence Howard and Mira Pak exchanged a cringeworthy kiss after the awards.

13 /18: Selfies for days

13/18 :Selfies for days

Samuel L. Jackson sneaks in some time for a selfie with the Oscar-winning cast of Moonlight.

14 /18: Friendship goals

14/18 :Friendship goals

The trio gave us some seriously nostalgic vibes with a true friendship that has spanned over multiple years.

15 /18: Justin, Orlando and Jen

15/18 :Justin, Orlando and Jen

There was nothing but love and celebration after the awards, as seen in Theroux's sweet greeting for Bloom.

16 /18: Together at last

16/18 :Together at last

The couple finally had the chance to spend time together after being separate overseas during the new year.

17/18 :Dakota Johnson

After being clad in gold, Johnson slipped into something a few shades darker for the after party — pun intended.

18 /18: #CoupleGoals

18/18 :#CoupleGoals

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton strutted into the after-party scene all smiles and hand in hand.