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12 Things ‘Supernatural’ Fans May Have Forgotten About Past Castiel

Ever since Castiel made his debut in Supernatural Season 4, he certainly has changed a lot. If you recall, he wasn’t the nicest angel — definitely not an immediate fan favorite — and was lacking in a lot of ways. Since then, he’s grown immensely, and now viewers can’t get enough of him.

In Thursday’s Supernatural, we’ll learn even more about Cas’s past. Alicia Witt guest stars as Lily Sunder, who told TV Line that Lily has “a history with Castiel, and it’s not necessarily a positive history.” She added, “There’s perhaps a bit of friction there.” 

Based on the episode description, Lily appears to have quite the revenge on Castiel. Not only has she been dabbling in black magic over a century “to exact revenge on a band of angels that murdered her family,” but it looks like Cas is her next target.

Seeing as we are going to see more of Past Cas, why not take a walk down memory lane and recall things fans may have forgotten about the now-beloved angel from back in the day?

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