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13 Times Yolanda Hadid Did the YMCA

Allow me to make a very controversial statement here: Yolanda Hadid is the best Hadid. Whether or not you’ve ever even watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (funny story, I have not), it’s still supremely difficult not to find joy from the Gigi/Bella/Anwar matriarch and her antics. She is, above all, extremely underrated.

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All it takes is one glance at Yolanda’s Instagram to notice a theme: She loves her children, and enjoys hugging flora and fauna, particularly flora, particularly when it’s a tree. (Do trees count as flora? If not, they do now.) She also seems to have a real affinity for performing the perpetual wedding-reception crowd-pleaser, “Y.M.C.A.,” by the Village People. The only strange thing is, Yolanda seems to always get stuck on the “Y,” either because “Y” is for “Yolanda,” (classic Yo) or she hasn’t mastered the full routine yet. So, I plan to invite Yolanda as my guest to the next wedding I attend so I can give her a proper lesson. Until then, check out all the times she was captured giving her best shot at this song’s signature dance.

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