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9 things ‘Sherlock’ fans need to know about Sherlock and Mycroft’s sister

Sherlock Season 4 is certainly pulling out all the stops. First, Mary dies in the first episode. Then, the second episode drops a major bomb. Fans have suspected for some time that Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes have another sibling (also referred to as “the other one”), but we’ve mainly assumed it was a brother named Sherrinford.

Well, that certainly could still be the case, but as it was revealed in “The Lying Detective,” the Holmes brothers also have a sister. That’s right, Sherlock and Mycroft are brothers to a sister named Eurus.

At the end of last Sunday’s episode, John discovered his therapist isn’t really a therapist, but Eurus Holmes. The bombshells don’t stop there, because Eurus was also the woman John met on the bus. Oh, she also pretended to be Culverton Smith’s (Toby Jones) daughter, who came to Sherlock during a case involving Culverton, aka a terrifying serial killer. Mind-blowing, right?

Now that we know about Eurus, let’s try to learn everything we possibly can about her.

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