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Who killed Wes on ‘HTGAWM’? (ranked from least likely to most likely)

How to Get Away With Murder delivered one of its most shocking midseason finales when it was revealed that Wes was the one underneath that ominous sheet teased in the Season 3 premiere. That’s right, Wes’ body wasn’t just burned in the fire at Annalise’s house, but was also seemingly dead before the fire started. His death wasn’t only surprising, but also heartbreaking. Wes? How can Wes be dead?

Unfortunately, he most definitely is dead, which now leaves us theorizing over who killed Annalise’s now deceased favorite. As it usually goes with HTGAWM, it could be any of the main characters, in addition to any of the past guest stars or future guest stars. Really, it could be anyone and everyone. This show is sick and twisted at times, so don’t be shocked if it turns out to be someone you know and love.

With that said, let’s get to the suspects from the least likely to the most likely. FYI: We are going to disregard the timeline HTGAWM set up of who was where and when around the time of Wes’ death. Let’s face it; the series likes to mess with its fans and never tells the whole truth. After all, we all thought Wes was alive, but how did that turn out?

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