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Everyone’s Favorite HGTV Stars — Then & Now

HGTV stars are just like us! And being normal humans (who just happen to be rich and famous), they probably have some photos from their past they’d rather forget. Sure, HGTV offers some of the most popular programming because its stars’ personalities provide a look inside Americana. It’s generally a glamorous look. But don’t be entirely fooled; they too have had some fashion faux pas in their pre-HGTV days.

Just like they transform houses from drab to fab, so too did these HGTV stars transform themselves from regular Joe Schmos to superstars. 

Thanks to the fabulous world of Instagram, we can now take a look back at all of our favorite HGTV personalities before they made it big. Thankfully, they didn’t let the trends of the ’80s and ’90s stop them from sharing their adolescent moments in all their glory.   

Click through our slideshow to see the throwbacks and some hairstyles these stars would probably like to forget. (We’re looking at you, Jonathan and Drew Scott!)

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