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All the Most Memorable Movie Kisses of All Time

The kissing scene: It’s the pinnacle of any romance film — even if the film doesn’t technically classify itself as a romance. You watch two characters develop an interest in each other. The tension builds, and you quietly root for them through the film. Will they kiss? Will they continue despising each other through the rest of the film? Will they fall in love? Or will this ultimately be a letdown, and they don’t end up together in the end? It’s emotionally exhausting.

But then it happens, and it hits you right in the feels. You swoon all over your couch or the movie theater seat — wherever you may be watching — and you swear you can almost see the sparks flying.

There are certainly specific scenes that never leave our memory: those we personally hope to experience in our lives (the incredibly sweet first kiss shared in P.S. I Love You), those that would never happen in a million years (that upside-down kiss in Spider-Man), and even those that are highly uncomfortable but still strangely sweet (we’re literally only talking about The Shape of Water here, folks).

Now that we’ve got you jonesing to watch a romance flick stat, let’s scroll through the most memorable movie kisses of all time. They’re sure to make your heart flutter.

A version of this article was originally published in February 2017.

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