13 Things to Know About Ava Phillippe

by Sarah Long
Apr 16, 2018 at 11:40 a.m. ET
Ava Phillippe Chanel Party February 2018
Image: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

It's no secret that our worlds are being taken over by the gorgeous and amazingly talented offspring of the Hollywood elite. Paris Jackson quickly stepped out of the shadow of her iconic father, Michael Jackson; Judd Apatow's daughters, Maude and Iris, shine in every movie of his that they appear in (including Netflix's Love, which happens to be created by Judd himself); and Willow and Jaden Smith, well, they're keeping it real. Even Blue Ivy and little North West are becoming famous in their own right, separate from their famous parents.

And we can't forget about Ava Phillippe.

Ava, who was always been adorable, is all grown up! The now-adult daughter of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon has developed into an amazingly talented young woman — just recently, she starred in the lookbook for Rodarte's Fall 2018 collection alongside Chloe and Halle Bailey, Black Panther star Danai Gurira, Grimes, Hong Chau, Tessa Thompson and Kirsten Dunst, among many others. It's obvious Ava was born to be Hollywood royalty.

Here's a little to know about her.

A version of this article was originally published in November 2016.

1 /13: She's So Very Loved

1/13 :She's So Very Loved

Ava was gifted 18 letters from her mom, Reese Witherspoon, to open up every year on her birthday. The last letter was given when she turned 18 in 2017. Ava wrote on Instagram: "18 letters that made me cry (hard) today, courtesy of my lovely mother."

NGL, we're crying, too. 

2 /13: She's Her Mom's No. 1 Supporter

2/13 :She's Her Mom's No. 1 Supporter

Not only will you spot plenty of selfies on Ava's Instagram account showing her and her mom, Reese Witherspoon, but Ava is her mom's biggest supporter. Case in point: When Witherspoon launched Time's Up, Ava was quick to post about it to her 600,000-plus Instagram followers.

3 /13: She's Into Photography

3/13 :She's Into Photography

Ava is constantly uploading the photos she takes to her Instagram account, and most of them are quite breathtaking. 

4 /13: She's a Talented Sketch Artist

4/13 :She's a Talented Sketch Artist

It's also evident that Ava is a very gifted artist. She shares her sketches of people, animals and abstracts on social media.

Her works are really quite amazing.

5 /13: And She's a Sculptor

5/13 :And She's a Sculptor

Ava also dabbles in clay sculpture and creates extremely life-like renderings.

Seriously, is there anything this girl can't do?

6 /13: She Loves Her Pups

6/13 :She Loves Her Pups

Just like all us dog owners, she has tons of pics of her pup on her Instagram.

7 /13: She's Outspoken

7/13 :She's Outspoken

Ava isn't afraid to speak out and speak up about what's important — and what she believes in.

For instance, after the Las Vegas music festival tragedy in 2017, Ava posted to her Instagram, writing: "This is no isolated incident. I strongly believe that we need to talk more about how guns and a lack of mental healthcare accessibility factor into these tragedies. I believe [it] is an American responsibility to find a way to protect each other from this type of domestic terrorism and violence. My deepest condolences to those involved in this tragedy and others like it who, yet again, have to process this pain. #prayforlasvegas"

8 /13: But She's No Snob

8/13 :But She's No Snob

While most of her family drives luxury vehicles, Ava reportedly asked for a used Volkswagen Jetta last year when she turned 16.

"She's so down-to-earth," an insider told Us magazine. "Even the nanny has a Lexus to drive, but Ava desperately wants to be unassuming."

9 /13: She's a Fashionista

Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon Wrinkle in Time premiere.jpg
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9/13 :She's a Fashionista

Witherspoon may have access to all of the best stylists in the industry, but it's Ava she runs to when she wants fashion advice. 

"She's very cutting-edge, and she knows a lot about fashion. And she has her own sense of style, which is amazing," Witherspoon told Us Weekly in April. "We try to kind of confer about new styles. She tells me whether or not I can wear things."

10 /13: She's Officially a Fashion Model

10/13 :She's Officially a Fashion Model

Ava has officially made her way into the fashion world, starring in the lookbook for Rodarte's Fall 2018 collection alongside many other kickass women in Hollywood, like Danai Gurira and Tessa Thompson. And we can't wait to see where else modeling takes her.

11 /13: She's Super-Close to Her Dad

11/13 :She's Super-Close to Her Dad

We often associate Ava with Witherspoon (mostly because of their looks), but she's also incredibly close to her father.

"Happy father's day to the most artistic, intelligent, versatile, and all-around awesome guy in my life," she captioned this Instagram photo. "You've always loved and supported me in whatever weirdness that comes, and I am so lucky to have a dad like you. I love you tons."

12 /13: But She's Embarrassed by How Young He Looks

12/13 :But She's Embarrassed by How Young He Looks

Ava most likely hears how hot her dad is all the time, which isn't exactly music to any daughter's ears. Ryan even recently admitted that Ava hates how young he looks.

"One thing that I know my daughter gets embarrassed sometimes by is the fact that I do look so young, and I get mistaken for her brother at times, which repulses her," he said in an interview with James Corden in November 2016. "It absolutely repulses her that anyone could mistake me for being her brother."

13 /13: She's the Face of Draper James

13/13 :She's the Face of Draper James

After making her modeling debut for Rodarte, Ava became the face of another fashion brand: her mom Reese Witherspoon's clothing and lifestyle line, Draper James.

They modeled together for the line's Spring 2018 collection — and were so freaking adorable in the process.