21 Nostalgic '80s Gifts That Are Truly (Truly, Truly) Outrageous

by Julie Sprankles
Nov 16, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Fact: Forms of entertainment that originated in the '80s are often imitated but never as good. Seriously, though, someone tell Hollywood they can stop butchering all of our childhood favorites. (Although we're totally cool with the newish 21 Jump Street movies, because anything involving Channing Tatum is cool in our book.)

That being said, we're still super obsessed with 1980s nostalgia. ICYMI, '80s babies are so rad. We're a special breed and — although we're also obsessed with our '90s childhoods — we'll always have a special place in our heart for the decade we were born into. Every time we see a game, toy or a piece of TV show memorabilia, our hearts soar. 

Have a friend who meets that description? Give them the gift of childlike glee this holiday season when you wrap up one of these '80s-inspired presents. They'll love you forever and think you're totally tubular. 

Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2017.

1 /21: A Swatch

1/21 :A Swatch

Make your friend feel like the coolest kid in school when you give them a Swatch watch. Back in the day, everyone who was anyone had at least a few of these brightly colored arm adornments. 

Swatch Women's 'De Travers' Quartz Plastic and Silicone Casual Watch, $53.40 at Amazon

2 /21: Simon

2/21 :Simon

Who could forget this colorful game of recall? You better dust off your thinking cap, because you know your bestie is going to challenge you to a round of wits as soon as they open their gift and see Simon. 

Simon Classic Game, $16.69 at Target

3 /21: Handheld water ring toss

3/21 :Handheld water ring toss

Everyone has been terribly tense lately. Perhaps the mesmerizing swish of circles in this handheld ring toss could help? This game pacified us for hours on end in the '80s, so it stands to reason that it may still have a calming effect. 

Fun Express Handheld Water Game, $4.16 at Amazon

4 /21: D.A.R.E. racerback tank

4/21 :D.A.R.E. racerback tank

I mean, it's always in fashion to keep kids off drugs, right? So this D.A.R.E. tank isn't just stylish, it's like a walking PSA. The rainbow-colored writing is an especially nice '80s touch. 

D.A.R.E. Women's Racerback Top, $26.95 at Customon

5 /21: She-Ra iPhone case

5/21 :She-Ra iPhone case

For the fierce lady in your life who needs to harness her princess of power, there is no better gift choice than this She-Ra iPhone case. She won't be able to help slaying all day with a case like this in her clutches. 

She-Ra iPhone Case, $35.99 at Society6

6 /21: Papa Smurf candle

6/21 :Papa Smurf candle

Not only is Papa Smurf a total '80s throwback, but he's also back in style now thanks to the recent live-action Smurfs movies hitting the big screen. 

Smurf Soy Candle, $7.99 at ThreeChickadeeLane/Etsy

7 /21: 'Thundercats: The Complete Series' on Blu-Ray

7/21 :'Thundercats: The Complete Series' on Blu-Ray

Was there anyone among us who didn't want to be Cheetara growing up? She was one fierce AF character! Watching this throwback series on DVD will make your friend feel like they are traveling in their own personal time machine to Third Earth. 

"Thundercats: The Complete Series," $24.99 at Amazon

8 /21: Moon Shoes

8/21 :Moon Shoes

Honest to goodness, it's a miracle we made it out of the '80s alive, what with all the comically dangerous toys we were obsessed with back then. Fortunately, I believe they've made a few ankle-saving tweaks to today's version of Moon Shoes. 

Big Time Toys Moon Shoes, $37.52 at Amazon

9 /21: John Hughes movies

9/21 :John Hughes movies

We all wanted our life to look like a John Hughes movie back in the '80s. Oh, who are we kidding? We still want our lives to look like a John Hughes movie. This boxed collection comes with three classics, including Pretty in Pink

"Too Cool for School: The John Hughes Collection," $18.30 at Amazon

10 /21: Moxi roller skates

10/21 :Moxi roller skates

If your childhood was anything like mine, cruising around the roller rink gave you life growing up. These Moxi roller skates may be a tad expensive, but come on. You can't put a price tag on recapturing the glory days of your youth. 

Moxi Skates Lolly Roller Skates, $279-$299 at Amazon

11 /21: Mixtape USB memory stick

11/21 :Mixtape USB memory stick

We made some hella good mixtapes during the '80s, so we'll forever be fond of this antiquated music format — which is why this mixtape USB blends the best of both worlds! We get our nostalgia fix but in a convenient modern device. 

SK Mix Tape USB Stick, $24.99 at Guitar Center

12 /21: 'Sweet Valley High' books 1-12

12/21 :'Sweet Valley High' books 1-12

We didn't just read Sweet Valley High books; we devoured them. Let your friend relive every melodramatic moment by gifting her a Sweet Valley High book collection. Just remind her to have Kleenex handy for when Regina dies! 

"Sweet Valley High" Books 1-12, $23.88 at Amazon

13 /21: Etch a Sketch

13/21 :Etch a Sketch

Everbody's an artiste when Etch a Sketch is their medium. Buy one of these classic doodlers for a fellow '80s baby and laugh along as they once again try to render subjects far outside their realm of skill. Etch a Sketched Eiffel Tower, anyone? 

Etch A Sketch, $17.99 at Retro Planet

14 /21: Little Miss Sunshine mug

14/21 :Little Miss Sunshine mug

We all had a Mr. Men or Little Miss we actually related to — helloooooo, Little Miss Chatterbox — but we all really wanted to be seen as the eternally upbeat Little Miss Sunshine. This cheery mug with her likeness is a lovely reminder to be happy. 

Little Miss Sunshine mug, $14.99 at PBS

15 /21: Gremlin bobblehead

15/21 :Gremlin bobblehead

Long live the Gremlins! Sure, the little guys loved to wreak havoc... but they were also kind of badass, and we all secretly knew we'd totally pour water on Gizmo to get a dozen of these bad boys. In bobblehead form? Even better. 

Gremlins Movie Headknocker, $19.99 at Retro Planet

16 /21: A 'Jem & the Holograms' sweater

16/21 :A 'Jem & the Holograms' sweater

Any gift that involves Jem is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

Jem & the Holograms faux Christmas sweater, $39.35 at 80s Tees

17 /21: Leg lamp cookie cutter

17/21 :Leg lamp cookie cutter

Talk about a "special award"! This leg lamp cookie cutter will help your friend make delicious cookies which, in turn, will give them all the bragging rights they deserve for this prestigious honor. Bonus? This version isn't fra-jee-lay. 

Leg Lamp cookie cutter, $2 at KitchenCrafts/Etsy

18 /21: Snoopy Sno-Cone machine

18/21 :Snoopy Sno-Cone machine

Never mind the fact that we probably shouldn't have been allowed to play with this Snoopy Sno-Cone machine unsupervised when we were growing up. The important thing is that we did, we survived and we loved every tasty second of it.

Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, $10.39 at Target

19 /21: Sequined fanny pack

19/21 :Sequined fanny pack

It's about time we all quit pretending like fanny packs weren't super useful and practical, right? Lead the charge by gifting a sequined version to the '80s babies in your inner circle. I've got a gold sequined version on standby. 

Sequin Fanny Pack, $15.90 at Forever 21

20 /21: Pogo Jump

20/21 :Pogo Jump

The colors are inversed and the name is slightly different, but I'm fairly certain this is essentially the same ol' pogo ball of our '80s youth we hopped around on nonstop. Given the fun factor combined with fringe fitness benefits, how could you not? 

High Bounce Balance Jump Board Ball, $14.99 at Amazon

21 /21: 'Princess Bride' name tag mug

21/21 :'Princess Bride' name tag mug

If you have a friend who wouldn't instantly understand and adore this Princess Bride mug, it might be time to reconsider the friendship — you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. As for your other friends, they'll love this. 

"Princess Bride" Name Tag Mug, $22.92 at 80s Tees