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These ‘DWTS’ Contestants Allegedly Did More With Their Partners Than Just Dance

There’s a million reasons we crave Dancing with the Stars in the off-season — the thrill of competition, the glittery costumes, the strength that the contestants exhibit under extreme pressure, just to name a few. But of all the things we miss about DWTS when it’s not on TV, we miss the salacious hook-up rumors the most.

Yeah, we said it. Call us gossipy if you want, but we love hearing about the possible behind-the-scenes action — even if a lot of it is probably rumors. It’s all part of the fun.

And when the hookups rumors aren’t really rumors and are actually true, we totally get it. It’s almost impossible not to fall for a good-looking partner that you spend hours a week rubbing up against.

Now that Season 25 is underway, let the wild rumpus begin! In the meantime, here are contestants from seasons past who allegedly waltzed their way into their partners’ hearts.

Originally published April 2015. Updated September 2017.

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