10 Stellar Thanksgiving-Themed Classics to Stream on Netflix This Year

Every family holiday, we eat. And we eat. And we drink some wine. And we eat. And we eat. Thanksgiving, clearly, is no exception. In fact, it’s kind of the Olympics when it comes to stuffing ourselves. And what do you do when you pretty much intentionally put yourself into a food coma? You plop your butt down on the couch and settle in for about 12 hours of non-movement and some TV action. 

Of course, ideally we’d hunker down for some seasonal Thanksgiving-themed viewing. However, while there are a ton of well-known Christmas movies, it doesn’t seem like we can say the same for Thanksgiving. We did a little digging and discovered that there actually a ton of amazing TV episodes and a couple unforgettable movies with Turkey Day at the center.

Take a break from watching football and stuffing your face to check out some of these Thanksgiving-themed classics that you can watch on Netflix.

Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2017.