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All the TV Shows & Movies Being Revived

Let’s get honest for a moment: Hollywood loves a good remake or reboot. In this day and age, there’s arguably not a single film or TV show that isn’t up to be remade or rebooted. Given the excitement with which we anticipated remakes like JumanjiTomb Raider and It — all of which have either hit theaters or have dropped some thrilling trailers — it’s only natural to wonder about other planned remakes and reboots. Better still, you might be jonesing to refresh your memory on what the original films and TV shows were like.

Well, if you find yourself in need of a refresh and you happen to have younger ones who are clamoring to get in on the remake goodness, why not just have a movie night with the entire family? It’s certainly easy enough to scoop up a DVD or stream these family-friendly originals, and it’ll give you a fun reason to spend some quality time together.

If there’s one way to prepare for the onslaught of new Hollywood remakes and reboots, then this is definitely the way you want to do it. 

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