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Binge Every Single Top-Rated Horror Movie Since 1965 for Halloween

Um, have you seen the new IT movie yet? We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but it’s freaking scary. Like, crazy scary. Like we’re never going to be able to sleep without the light on again scary. Why do we insist on watching movies that give us nightmares for years? 

Because it’s super fun, that’s why.

IT may the latest movie to strike fear into the hearts of every theater-goer who dares to buy a ticket, but it’s not even the scariest movie of all time. Hollywood has gotten its jollies freaking people out for decades, and it defintely seems like they have no intention of stopping anytime soon. And we’re totally cool with that. 

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve rounded up every top-rated movie of the year since 1965, according to IMDb. Get ready to binge, y’all. Just a word of warning: You might not want to be eating lunch while you click through our list — you might lose it. 

Originally posted October 2016. Updated September 2017.

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