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Pretty much every reality TV show has these five personality types

Ever notice that pretty much all reality TV shows have the same type of characters? Well, there are five to be exact — at least, according to author Merrick Rosenberg . And they are…

Eagle: Dominant, direct and driven, Eagles are all about getting their way. At best, they’re proactive; at worst, bossy.

Parrot: Parrots are the life of the party. They love to be around other people, but they tend to be a bit too trusting.

Dove: Passive to a fault, Doves want harmony above all else.

Owl: Owls prefer to stick to the rules, even when following a specific process or pattern leads to problems.

Chameleon: The best reality TV cast members are often Chameleons, who have bits and pieces of all four personality types mixed in. Chameleons can easily adapt to the situation at hand.

So let’s dig into some of our favorite reality TV shows and figure out who represents these personalities, shall we?

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