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13 Dancing With the Stars Feuds We’re Still Not Over

Sure, Dancing With the Stars is a dance competition show, but we all know why we’re really addicted to the series. It’s not the flashing lights, the elaborate costumes or the hot dance numbers, either. Hell, even though we love juicy celeb relationship gossip, it’s not even the hook-ups on the show that keeps us coming back season after season.

It’s the feuds. Dancing With the Stars is rife with beefs. When the celebs and dance pros exit the dance floor, the smiles fade and the gloves come off. And we are so here for it. 

Some fights have occurred on camera and some happen behind the scenes, but no matter what, DWTS always delivers delicious drama. Here’s what we know about some of the biggest feuds in Dancing with the Stars history.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated October 2017.

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