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36 Celebrity Couples Who Aren’t Afraid of a Little PDA


In a world where most celebrities change partners more often than they change their underwear, it’s refreshing when couples we love go the distance. It’s just so hard to get attached to a famous pairing, only to have our hopes and dreams shattered when they break up. Don’t they consider our feelings before they split? (Kidding, kidding.) But like we said, some couples we love go the distance, and don’t care about showing how in love they really are. That’s right, we’re talking about couples who don’t care about showing a little PDA.

We love love, and it brings us joy to watch our faves cuddle and share a kiss in public. There are definitely some couples who take it to the very limit, like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker sucking each other’s fingers in public or Megan Fox grabbing Machine Gun Kelly’s crotch on the red carpet. Look, we’re not trying to judge, it just sometimes blindsides us! But we love seeing them so happy.

We rounded up some of our favorite celeb couples who have been together for a while and still lather on the public displays of affection. Some go a little overboard, but, hey, isn’t that celeb life? Check out some of our favorite couples below!

A version of this article was originally published on July 2020.

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