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Hot Asian actors who could play Mulan’s love interest in the live-action film

Disney is not casting a white male lead for the Mulan live-action film (thank god!). However, the studio has not specified whether or not they will cast an actor of Chinese descent for the role. Though Disney has promised to cast a Chinese Mulan, they have only reportedly committed to casting an Asian romantic lead. This, of course, is an important distinction, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many Asian actors working in Hollywood do not play their actual ethnicity. Koreans don’t always play Korean characters, etc. For example, Randall Park, who is of Korean descent, plays Chinese on ABC’s Fresh off the Boat. For some, this is an offense as great as Emma Stone playing Asian in Aloha, but for the purposes of this article and Disney’s Mulan, let’s just agree that it’s just a reality of how Hollywood views Asian actors — not as a diverse group, but as one interchangeable people.

With that in mind, here are some hot Asian men who could be Mulan’s love interest…

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