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If you’re an ‘NCIS’ fan, you should be watching Michael Weatherly’s ‘Bull’

The time has come for NCIS fans to watch Michael Weatherly portray a different character in his new CBS series, Bull. The drama follows Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull, the leader and founder of a trial consulting firm that uses science, social media and technology to predict and influence trial verdicts.

The character is inspired by Dr. Phil McGraw’s early days, when he founded a high-profile trial consulting firm. McGraw is also an executive producer of Bull. It’s hard to imagine (and will take a lot of getting used to for NCIS fans) Weatherly in the shoes of someone else after having played Tony DiNozzo for 13 seasons. For those who are a bit hesitant about tuning in to Bull, maybe it will make you feel better to know that Weatherly’s newest character actually has a lot in common with DiNozzo.

That’s right, Dr. Jason Bull = Tony DiNozzo. They aren’t 100 percent the same person, and I’m sure Weatherly wants NCIS fans to keep an open mind while watching. Not to mention he also probably hopes his biggest supporters will try to take DiNozzo out of the equation and remember that he is now playing Jason Bull, not everybody’s favorite goofball yet extremely caring NCIS agent.

Though, if DiNozzo fanatics need a little reassurance and a reason to watch, here are a few ways Jason Bull and Tony DiNozzo are alike.

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