Donald Trump could learn a lot from MacGyver — just hear us out

by Shanee Edwards
Sep 19, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Lucas Till as MacGyver and Donald Trump

We're super-excited that MacGvyer is back on TV. He's a true American icon, known for his resourcefulness, problem-solving skills and using his brain — instead of a weapon or money — to settle arguments. With the presidential election coming up, we're hoping Donald Trump has his DVR set, because he could sure learn a few things from the Swiss army knife-toting, duct tape whiz we all know and love.

1 /12: Avoid conflict

Image: CBS

1/12 :Avoid conflict

In the reboot, 26-year-old Lucas Till (Havok from X-Men) plays MacGyver, a man who's famous for avoiding conflict. In the old show that ran from 1985 to 1991, starring Richard Dean Anderson in the lead role, we saw numerous episodes where he tried to de-escalate violence. MacGyver knows that hostility creates more hostility and that fighting is the easy way out. Donald Trump seems to like to fight and has already asked a foreign policy adviser why America can’t use nuclear weapons if we have them. At one rally, he even said, "I'm really good at war. I love war." We think a president should be good at avoiding war, like MacGyver.

2 /12: American ingenuity

Image: CBS

2/12 :American ingenuity

MacGyver is probably the most innovative character who's ever been on TV, embodying that American quality of ingenuity. He takes the objects he has available to him and uses them to solve problems. If Donald Trump is serious about making America great again, he needs to channel his inner MacGyver to figure out real ways to solve problems using the things, people and materials we have here in America. When faced with difficult challenges, we want Trump to say to himself, "How would MacGyver fix this?" and get really creative.

3 /12: No guns

Image: CBS

3/12 :No guns

A true hero doesn’t hide behind the barrel of a gun — MacGyver always searches for another means of getting his point across. Of course, guns are necessary at times, but MacGyver doesn't rely on the false power or confidence that carrying a gun can create. Trump claims, "I always carry a weapon on me." Maybe Trump should put the gun down and explore the other ways MacGyver gets his power.

4 /12: Conserving resources

Image: CBS

4/12 :Conserving resources

For years we've seen what MacGyver can do with a paper clip, tinfoil and some chewing gum. Using the limited resources he has available, MacGyver can solve any problem without relying on weapons, high-tech gadgets or wads of cash. If Trump is elected president, he will need to figure out a way to protect America's dwindling natural resources and work with other countries to address climate change instead of saying that climate change is hoax invented by the Chinese.

5 /12: Humor

Trump and Pence
Image: WENN

5/12 :Humor

Having an open mind and the ability to laugh at things — including himself — is a quality that really helps MacGyver access his creativity. Trump frequently claims to use sarcasm, but sarcasm is tinged with bitterness and something very different than being funny.

6 /12: Humility

Donald Trump
Image: WENN

6/12 :Humility

The biggest lesson Trump can learn from MacGyver is how to behave in a modest or unassuming way. MacGyver is confident but doesn't need to brag about his abilities. Trump often comes off as excessively proud and arrogant. In his book The Art of the Deal, Trump even boasts about sleeping with other men's wives.

7 /12: Core values

Image: CBS

7/12 :Core values

It's been two decades since MacGyver ended, but even in the reboot, he holds onto his strong American values even if they're not popular at the moment. Trump has flip-flopped on immigration so many times it's hard to know what he truly stands for.

8 /12: Teamwork

Image: CBS

8/12 :Teamwork

In the new show, MacGyver works with a team that includes his boss, Patricia Thornton (Sandrine Holt), his "muscle," Jack Dalton (George Eads), his buddy Wilt Bozer (Justin Hires) and a computer hacker named Riley (Tristin Mays). It's important to note that two of his team members are women. We hope Trump can value other peoples' suggestions and opinions, especially if he ends up presiding over Congress.

9 /12: Swiss army knife

Giant Swiss Army knife
Image: WENN

9/12 :Swiss army knife

MacGyver wouldn't be MacGyver without this trusty tool in his pocket. We think Trump should start carrying one as well to increase his ability to be resourceful. The knife in this photo has 85 accessories, including a cigar cutter, which may come in handy if President Trump has to visit Cuba.

10 /12: A good haircut

Old and new MacGyver side by side
Image: CBS

10/12 :A good haircut

OK, so the hairstyle that's "all business in the front and all party in the back" isn't known as the greatest look of all time, but at least MacGyver is sticking with it. In fact, actor Lucas Till shot the pilot of the new MacGyver with long, flowing hair, but the test audiences rejected the hairdo. Till reshot the pilot with an updated version of the mullet and looks great. Trump's hair is all business in the back and, well, kind of like a whacked-out hamster in the front. We think he'd look better with an updated mullet like Till's.

11 /12: Choose friends wisely

Henry Winkler
Image: CBS

11/12 :Choose friends wisely

Both MacGyver and Trump have friends from the show Happy Days. Scott Baio, who played Chachi, spoke for Trump at the Republican National Conventions, but Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie, is executive producer on the new MacGyver. We think the Fonz is just a tad better to have on your side.

12 /12: Drive a Jeep

Image: CBS

12/12 :Drive a Jeep

Sure, it's much faster to jump into a private jet and fly around, but MacGyver wouldn't like all the hassle. Instead, MacGyver gets around in an American-built Jeep he drives himself, because sometimes, holding onto the steering wheel is the best way to know where you're going.

MacGyver premieres Friday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c on CBS.