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Jessica’s ‘Suits’ exit won’t be so bad if she gets her own spinoff

The way Suits Season 6 is going, there’s a chance that Jessica Pearson could leave Pearson Specter Litt behind. It’s hard to imagine Jessica leaving her firm, especially since she’s been trying to rebuild it after all of the craziness with Mike, and it’s basically her baby. However, seeing as her former flame Jeff is probably heading to Chicago for a new job, she may follow him to the Windy City.

As horrible as that sounds, because Suits with Jessica is no Suits at all, there is a silver lining. The series would lose a major component, not to mention another badass leading woman. However, if you look at it positively, something good could certainly come from her departure. Like, what if Jessica scored her own spinoff? Now that is something I would tune into, and here’s why it’s a great idea.

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