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Is ‘Big Brother 18’ rigged? (And 14 other ‘BBAD’ Week 11 spoilers)

Something shady is going on at CBS, starting with that POV Storm comp. Did you notice that we didn’t get to see much of it, only the scores at the end, where Paul mysteriously beat Michelle by just one point? What was the scoring system? Why did he win and she lose? No answers were given, only results. Next, you know when you watch a show and the stars’ names are in the description? Well, many TV guides say, “Paul Abrahamian,” as if he’s the star. Third, on one ep of BBAD, Paul spills it that CBS found him. He didn’t apply for the show; he was cast. This revelation surprised superfan Meech and caused Big Brother to announce: “Paul, you are not allowed to talk about production.” Oops.

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