Photographic evidence proves Amy Schumer’s right — the Met Gala would be zero fun

The Met Gala’s been over for months but Amy Schumer's still talking about it — why? Because she hated it, loathed it, thought it was total crap.

Schumer told Howard Stern the entire night "felt like a punishment,”and claimed what you see at most Hollywood events is completely an act with “people doing an impression of having a conversation.” But, apparently, the Met Gala was worse because “we’re dressed up like a bunch of fucking assholes.” Leave it to Amy to tell us how she really feels. 

For some of us who sit at home wishing a fairy-godmother would show up to — bippity-boppity-boop — send us to the red carpet, this news was quite a shock (I think we’ll recover though, thanks for you concern). But it did make us wonder, "does anyone like going?" I mean, sure, fashion icons probably do… they likely find it the [insert your best posh voice here] event of the year, but after taking a closer look, everyone else looks downright miserable. Heck, some stars even look mean. 

Take this photo for instance. Literally no one  looks like they want to be on that red carpet.  Schumer’s probably searching for an emergency exit between flashes and the Olsen twins waaaaay in the back look like they smelled something rank. And this isn't the only photographic evidence proving the glamorous night isn't all fun and champagne. Check out the others we found…