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The absolute worst tweets from Blake Shelton’s Twitter account

Ideally, our every thought should be carefully filtered through several different editing processes before our fingertips hit the keyboard and it gets sent into the galaxy for all to read. Sure, a whole mess of people fail to grasp this concept, and that’s where the comment sections on YouTube videos come from. The real problem happens when these people have considerable influence over a large group of followers. That’s right, I’m talking about celebrities.

Whether they like it or not, they have chosen a career that makes their words hold more weight than the average Joe’s and their influence over people (young and old) is a powerful sword to wield. Blake Shelton is like a gleaming example of exactly how not to wield that sword. Recently, he has come under fire for some (now deleted) tweets that showcase his pretty offensive and downright nasty view of the world around him. Luckily, the internet never forgets and screenshots live forever in infamy.

Here are some of the most grotesque thoughts that Blake Shelton just had to share with us all.

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