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Things You Might Not Know About Amy Schumer


ICYMI, Amy Schumer is killing it lately. While on lockdown during the coronavirus quarantine, she’s been chronicling her journey to become a culinary goddess in Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. On July 9, the highly anticipated new HBO Max documentary Expecting Amy will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her difficult pregnancy with now-1-year-old son Gene. And through it all, Schumer has proven to be more hilarious and relatable than we thought possible. In a word, we’re obsessed. So, naturally, we wanted to know even more about Schumer. 

To that end, we did a little digging to find other reasons (as if we needed any) to love this obscenely funny (and sometimes just plain obscene) woman. Spoiler alert? Schumer doesn’t disappoint. For all the things you know and already find endlessly endearing about her, there are just as many you probably haven’t heard before. Like, did you know that she used to be a waitress? Or that, because of that background, she’s known for being a really generous tipper? Once, she left a four-figure tip on a $77 bill. Waitressing wasn’t Schumer’s only service-industry related job, either. We won’t spoil too much — you’ll just have to keep reading — but let’s just say Schumer was, ahem, “wheel”-y industrious in her 20s. 

So, enjoy getting to know one of Hollywood’s most hilarious humans on an even deeper level.

Originally published August 2016. Updated June 2020.

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