‘BBAD’ spoilers: Paulie’s screwed after that double elimination

Get ready for more spoilers than we’ve ever had! This is info you’ll need in order to understand why this week’s BBAD is so crucial. A short HOH comp after the live-show double eviction gave Victor an important win. But was he going to stick to his “Executives” alliance? Or did Meech and Natalie convince him that Paulie was the puppetmaster and he a mere puppet? I’m not going to keep you in suspense: It’s the second one. Victor (HOH) put Paulie and Corey on the block.

It was amazing how fast Paulie went from misogynist asshole to the vulnerable apologetic wussy he was always accusing everyone else of being. Each time a girl cried or showed any feelings, he said, “[She] has to go, she’s an emotional player,” like it was a bad thing. Like women who get emotional are suddenly unstable and stoic ruthlessness is the only acceptable behavior. So, as you can imagine, many of us were happy to see Paulie on the block. Unless he has the Round Trip Ticket or wins POV, he’s gone this week. Anyway, the veto players are Victor, Corey, Paulie, James, Nicole and Paul. Are we all caught up? Great. Let’s begin…