ICYMI Britney Spears' Instagram is mostly just teacup porn

by Arielle Tschinkel
Aug 5, 2016 at 5:17 p.m. ET

Britney loves her Starbucks, it's true, but she may love teacups more. Spears told Ryan Seacrest that she was so excited to use the new teacups her mom gave her that she spilled her coffee all over the place. Aw, Brit!

1 /17: Not excited about mornings

1/17 :Not excited about mornings

But if we woke up looking that flawless, we'd actually love mornings!

2 /17: Morning mantras

2/17 :Morning mantras

Words to live by.

3 /17: She knows what time it is

3/17 :She knows what time it is

We love that she has two versions of this mug with a sassy phrase!

4 /17: Teacup birthday cake

4/17 :Teacup birthday cake

Britney's 34th birthday cake was, no surprise, a teacup cake! Cutest thing ever.

5 /17: Matching teacup cupcakes

5/17 :Matching teacup cupcakes

Hands down, the sweetest birthday surprise of all time.

6 /17: She ate all the cobbler

6/17 :She ate all the cobbler

But still made room for a pot of tea, of course!

7 /17: Britney's eternal happiness

7/17 :Britney's eternal happiness

All a girl really wants is an afternoon spent with a good book and some tea, no?

8 /17: Silly selfies and a spot of tea

8/17 :Silly selfies and a spot of tea

Oops! She did it again, posing with her morning cup of happiness.

9 /17: The stuff dreams are made of

9/17 :The stuff dreams are made of

She's a slave for beautiful rose-filled mugs, and who could blame her?

10 /17: Cookies, milk and tea

10/17 :Cookies, milk and tea

Brit says these were the best cookies ever, and I have a feeling she may be right.

11 /17: Tea with a side of inspiration

11/17 :Tea with a side of inspiration

Words of wisdom from the princess of pop and Neale Donald Walsch, as you do.

12 /17: Posing in a coffee shop

12/17 :Posing in a coffee shop

No word on whether she ordered tea on this day, but it certainly seems likely!

13 /17: A whole tea set

13/17 :A whole tea set

That cake is cake goals, if such a thing exists.

14 /17: Pinterest goals

14/17 :Pinterest goals

Almost too pretty to use... almost!

15 /17: Even better

15/17 :Even better

I can picture Britney singing her hit "3" to these beauties.

16 /17: The perfect tea party

16/17 :The perfect tea party

This is the tea party of our dreams, quite honestly.

17 /17: All it takes

17/17 :All it takes

We wish we loved anything as much as Brit loves her tea!