All of Kelly Ripa's co-hosts since Michael Strahan left — ranked

by Julie Sprankles
Dec 19, 2016 at 9:48 a.m. ET

Former Live! co-host Michael Strahan certainly went out with a bang when he blindsided Kelly Ripa with his GMA announcement — she temporarily boycotted, he continued awkwardly hosting in her absence. It was a bit of a hot mess. But all's well that ends well, and the two seemed to be friendly enough by Strahan's last day. Now Ripa is parading a string of potential co-hosts through his chair. Here's how we rank them so far.

1/26 :No. 26: David Muir

ABC News anchor David Muir got decent Nielsen ratings (2.9), but his co-hosting chemistry was a bit dull. 

2/26 :No. 25: Alec Baldwin

Ripa and Baldwin's risqué banter about each other's bodies in old photos was off-putting, no? 

3/26 :No. 24: Jim Parsons

Listen, we love Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, but he honestly just seemed awkward on Live!

4/26 :No. 23: John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo is a fantastic actor and funny, to boot, but Live! doesn't seem like the right fit for him. 

5/26 :No. 22: Andy Cohen

Ripa and Cohen have undeniable co-hosting chemistry, but they're almost too much together.

6 /26: No. 21: Cedric the Entertainer

6/26 :No. 21: Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer filled in on the Fourth of July and did a perfectly OK job of it, but there were no fireworks. 

7/26 :No. 20: Tony Goldwyn

Scandal's Tony Goldwyn is always a delight! Still, he's almost too laid-back for a morning talk show.

8/26 :No. 19: Joel McHale

Joel McHale is hilarious — let's get that right out in the open. But his brand of sarcasm doesn't feel right for Live!

9 /26: No. 18: Daniel Dae Kim

9/26 :No. 18: Daniel Dae Kim

Who wouldn't want to watch Daniel Dae Kim every day? The actor (and Ripa's close friend) is, in a word, lovely. 

10/26 :No. 17: Anderson Cooper

Ripa and Anderson Cooper's natural rapport was nice, but he seems much more in his element on CNN.

11/26 :No. 16: Jussie Smollett

We adore Jussie Smollett, but he made an off-color comment about Serbia that had some fans seeing red. 

12/26 :No. 15: Dwyane Wade

D-Wade! Big things are in the works for the baller this year, and his positive energy was practically palpable.

13/26 :No. 14: Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel earned the highest Nielsen ratings (so far), which makes sense — he's Jimmy Kimmel, ya know?

14/26 :No. 13: Ryan Seacrest

Ripa and Seacrest both are so perpetually... well, peppy that they just kind of make sense together.

15 /26: No. 12: Keegan-Michael Key

15/26 :No. 12: Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key and Kelly Ripa? Yes, please! He talks a mile a minute, but it's all funny, so it's all good.

16 /26: No. 11: Neil Patrick Harris

16/26 :No. 11: Neil Patrick Harris

Who doesn't love NPH? And we almost had our chance: He reportedly was offered the job before Michael Strahan.

17/26 :No. 10: Josh Groban

Singer Josh Groban is just so darn likable, isn't he? Plus, he and Ripa are so comfortable around each other.

18/26 :No. 9: Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell brought the perfect blend of laid-back yet endearing jittery to his co-hosting duties.

19/26 :No. 8: Morris Chestnut

We have no delusions that Morris Chestnut will leave Rosewood for daytime TV, but he was pretty perfect with Ripa.

20 /26: No. 7: Mark Consuelos

20/26 :No. 7: Mark Consuelos

I don't care who you are — Ripa and hubby Mark Consuelos were adorable! Still, being married co-hosts could get tricky.

21/26 :No. 6: Fred Savage

Whether it's Wonder Years nostalgia or the fact that Fred Savage is so charming, fans loved his guest stint.

22/26 :No. 5: D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley interjected such humor and intelligence to his co-hosting role. We want more!

23/26 :No. 4: Common

It's Common, y'all — he's amazing. Plus, his co-hosting gig proved that he and Ripa are a natural fit.

24 /26: No. 3: Guillermo Díaz

24/26 :No. 3: Guillermo Díaz

Scandal's Guillermo Díaz is impossible not to like — his upbeat attitude on the show was infectious. 

25/26 :No. 2: Kevin Hart

Live! with Kelly and Kevin? We all need this in our lives, if Hart's hilarious guest co-hosting chops are any indication.

26/26 :No. 1: Carrie Ann Inaba

Of all of Ripa's co-hosts, none seemed more authentic than Carrie Ann Inaba. These two are daytime gold together.