Who is John Stamos' girlfriend? 20 things to know about Caitlin McHugh

by Arielle Tschinkel
Jul 21, 2016 at 5:43 p.m. ET

In March 2016, during an appearance on The View, John Stamos teased that he was dating someone. So who is the lucky lady spending time with one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors? It seems that McHugh and Stamos have plenty in common, from a love of Disneyland and the Beach Boys to impressive musical chops.

1 /20: More than a pretty face

1/20 :More than a pretty face

McHugh is a model and actress and is signed with the famous Wilhelmina modeling agencyAccording to her IMDb page, she has appeared in episodes of The Vampire DiariesSwitched at Birth, Rescue Me and Law and Order: SVU. She's acted on the big screen in I Am Legend. She has modeled for bridal ads as well as Target, Aveeno and Colgate.

2 /20: She practices karate

2/20 :She practices karate

McHugh practices karate and frequently posts pictures on Instagram of her kick-butt workouts. We love strong women, and this means she can definitely keep Stamos in line. 

3 /20: She's an animal lover

3/20 :She's an animal lover

According to her Instagram page, McHugh has two adopted dogs, Lilo and Rebel Wilson. She encourages her followers to adopt, too.

4 /20: She has musical talent

4/20 :She has musical talent

Just like Stamos, McHugh is musically inclined and often posts videos of herself playing the ukulele and singing. She's also a massive Beach Boys fan, so she loves to see when Stamos performs with them.

5 /20: She's got a huge sweet tooth

5/20 :She's got a huge sweet tooth

McHugh is sure to reward herself for all those karate sessions with ice cream, and based on her many Instagram posts, she loves the sweet treat. Don't we all, though?

6 /20: She loves her moments with Minnie

6/20 :She loves her moments with Minnie

Stamos is famously known for being a huge fan of Disney (it was even rumored that he had a lifetime pass to Disneyland, which he declined) and McHugh shares that passion, so it's likely she gets to go through the Haunted Mansion hand-in-hand with her love. Swoon.

7 /20: She has beautiful freckles

7/20 :She has beautiful freckles

Maybe it's just us, but we have a thing for freckles — they're so cute! And in this picture, she kind of looks like Olivia Munn. Celebrity doppelgänger, anyone?

8 /20: She doesn't follow a strict diet

8/20 :She doesn't follow a strict diet

By the looks of her Instagram, McHugh works out and enjoys food when she wants, how she wants. We like a girl that eats, and we're not surprised that John Stamos does too. 

9 /20: She loves Antigua, Guatemala

9/20 :She loves Antigua, Guatemala

McHugh fell in love with the landscapes, ruins, shopping, people and delicious food in Antigua, Guatemala, while shooting for Tilley. 

10 /20: She considers herself a hick

10/20 :She considers herself a hick

McHugh posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "#MerryHickmas from PA Spending good quality family time with #AK47 target shooting. AVeryWeinrichChristmas In all seriousness, have a wonderful, safe holiday season." 

11 /20: She looks good with a rose

11/20 :She looks good with a rose

Umm... if it doesn't work out with John Stamos, looks like she'd make a pretty awesome BacheloretteAnyone else with us?

12 /20: She uses Snapchat filters

12/20 :She uses Snapchat filters

See, beautiful models who date timeless studs like John Stamos are just like us. McHugh has fun with Snapchat filters and makes ridiculous faces with her friends, too. And of course, she still looks cute as a dog. 

13 /20: She poses like a tourist

13/20 :She poses like a tourist

She isn't afraid to admit she poses like a tourist. Even though it's clear she's not as tall as the Eiffel Tower, we still have a funny feeling she's got some serious height. 

14 /20: Chewbacca also has her heart

14/20 :Chewbacca also has her heart

BB-8 isn't her only Star Wars favorite. McHugh posed with Chewbacca, captioning the photo, "Me and my wookie." Watch out, Stamos, they make a pretty cute couple. 

15 /20: She enjoys giving back

15/20 :She enjoys giving back

McHugh posted this photo after making Valentine's Day cards at the Ronald McDonald House.

16 /20: She's not afraid to go au naturale

16/20 :She's not afraid to go au naturale

McHugh is an incredible natural beauty (as we all are) and isn't afraid to share her makeup-free photos with her followers. Embrace what you got, girl!

17 /20: She's a huge 'Star Wars' fan

17/20 :She's a huge 'Star Wars' fan

She bought a BB-8 as soon as the toys came out and absolutely loves it, captioning herself as a #nerd. 

18 /20: She likes to camp

18/20 :She likes to camp

She likes to camp! Or glamp... or pose for covers of camping magazines. We're not sure which one it is, but we're just going to assume she doesn't mind a weekend under the stars, sleeping in the beautiful outdoors. 

19 /20: She can sing

19/20 :She can sing

Juuuuuust kidding — in the caption for this photo on Instagram, McHugh admitted she cannot sing. But what she can do is crash friends' recording sessions and make pretend for a bit. 

20 /20: She plays laser tag

20/20 :She plays laser tag

McHugh is quite the karate kid and looks fierce posing before playing laser tag. Pretty sure if we were her friends, we'd beg to be on her team.