Connie Britton's best quotes from Friday Night Lights

by Rita Loiacono
Apr 22, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. ET
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Tami Taylor was the perfect example of her own advice: While she was a compassionate woman who was always able to find it in her heart to forgive, "weak" was certainly not among her personality traits. 

1 /10: On fitting in

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1/10 :On fitting in

It'd be really great if the place Tami felt she belonged were with us — as our best friend. 

2 /10: On the future

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2/10 :On the future

Truer words have never been spoken. Success and happiness are far more common among those who didn't peak in high school than those who did. 

3 /10: On raising kids

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3/10 :On raising kids

Before a child is born, it should be a legal requirement that the child's parents binge-watch Friday Night Lights

4 /10: On making decisions

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4/10 :On making decisions

Tami's response to a teenager's question about what Mrs. Coach would say if her daughter were pregnant is pretty much the most perfectly supportive thing we've ever heard. 

5 /10: On being human

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5/10 :On being human

And Tami's response to people who had an issue with what she told the pregnant teenager has us cheering no matter how many times we hear it. 

6 /10: On moving on

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6/10 :On moving on

When it comes to logic, Tami Taylor is in a league of her own. 

7 /10: On understanding

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7/10 :On understanding

This is such simple advice, but it says so much about the admirable way Tami Taylor lives her life.

8 /10: On unconditional love

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8/10 :On unconditional love

Tami Taylor's capacity to provide unconditional love and support has never not inspired us to be better people for those we love the most. 

9 /10: On having faith

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9/10 :On having faith

Our religion is Tami Taylor, and you best believe we are never shy about how much we worship her.

10 /10: On compromise

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10/10 :On compromise

Tami Taylor was no shrinking violet, and she made it very clear that it's possible to be a supportive wife and mother without losing who you are as an individual. We love that a show that kicked off on the premise of a family moving because of a husband's professional abilities and ambition ultimately ended with the family moving because of a wife's professional abilities and ambition.