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9 times ‘Quantico’ was a total letdown in Season 1

When Quantico first started, it had a lot of promise. From the strong female leads, to the action, to the mystery, to the badass Priyanka Chopra, I had high hopes for the ABC drama. Well, all my wishes and dreams were dashed around midseason. It went from an entertaining drama series to one that was a total letdown — for various reasons.

Surprisingly, it scored a Season 2 renewal, but I’m still debating whether or not to tune in. Thanks to the casting additions of both Blair Underwood and Russell Tovey, I will probably give the first few episodes a chance. But, if Quantico continues down the same disappointing road it traveled in the first season, then you can be sure I’ll be giving up on these federal agents.

Until then, let’s discuss Season 1 and some of it biggest mistakes.

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