18 Netflix Original Series to Binge-Watch This Summer

Jun 4, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. ET
'GLOW' Netflix
Image: Netflix/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

For many, summertime calls for a packed social calendar full of barbecues, road trips, vacations and spending all the time outdoors. For the rest of us, summertime is way more low-key: It's the perfect time to catch up on all those shows everyone raved about on Twitter for months, including a lot of Netflix originals, but we didn't have the time to even start them.

Luckily for everyone, Netflix has plenty of original television shows, some of which are either filming the next season or recently dropped a new season. Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore? Yeah, Season 2 recently came out, and if you haven't started, you have plenty of time to get into it. GLOW, starring Alison Brie? Better watch Season 1 before Season 2 drops 10 episodes on June 29. And let's not forget about 13 Reasons Why and Dear White People, both of which also recently released second seasons.

And the list goes on and on — from science fiction thrillers to mystery teen dramas and satirical comedy-dramas. Here are 17 Netflix original series to binge this summer.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2016.

1 /18: 'Santa Clarita Diet'

'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 2 still
Image: Netflix

1/18 :'Santa Clarita Diet'

2 /18: '13 Reasons Why'

'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 still
Image: Netflix

2/18 :'13 Reasons Why'

3 /18: 'Girlboss'

'Girlboss' still
Image: Karen Ballard/Netflix

3/18 :'Girlboss'

4 /18: 'Anne With an E'

'Anne With an E' Netflix still
Image: Caitlin Cronenberg/Netflix

4/18 :'Anne With an E'

5 /18: 'Dear White People'

'Dear White People' Season 2 still
Image: Adam Rose/Netflix

5/18 :'Dear White People'

6 /18: 'Stranger Things'

'Stranger Things 2' Netflix still
Image: Netflix

6/18 :'Stranger Things'

7 /18: 'Wet Hot American Summer'

'Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later' Netflix still
Image: Netflix

7/18 :'Wet Hot American Summer'

8 /18: 'Orange Is the New Black'

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 5 still
Image: Netflix

8/18 :'Orange Is the New Black'

9 /18: 'Master of None'

'Master of None' Season 2 still
Image: Netflix

9/18 :'Master of None'

10 /18: 'Bloodline'

'Bloodline' Season 3 still
Image: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

10/18 :'Bloodline'

11 /18: 'GLOW'

'GLOW' Season 1 still
Image: Netflix

11/18 :'GLOW'

12 /18: 'Love'

'Love' Season 3 still
Image: Netflix

12/18 :'Love'

13 /18: 'Narcos'

'Narcos' Season 3 still
Image: Netflix

13/18 :'Narcos'

14 /18: 'Grace and Frankie'

'Grace and Frankie' Season 4 still
Image: Netflix

14/18 :'Grace and Frankie'

15 /18: 'Dark'

'Dark' Netflix poster
Image: Julia Terjung/Netflix

15/18 :'Dark'

16 /18: 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 4 still
Image: Netflix

16/18 :'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

17 /18: 'Marvel's Jessica Jones'

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 2 still
Image: Netflix

17/18 :'Marvel's Jessica Jones'

18 /18: 'House of Cards'

'House of Cards' Netflix still
Image: Netflix

18/18 :'House of Cards'