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These Spectacular Celebrity Homes Are Available for Your Next Vacation


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When you’re looking for a place to stay for your next getaway, you’d probably never guess that you might be flipping through some photos of a celebrity’s current or former home. They might not be as obvious as a sprawling mansion, but Airbnb and other rental sites do have celebrity crash pads on the market. If you’re interested in living like Leonardo DiCaprio or Sting, then perhaps a Palm Springs, California or Florence, Italy vacation is in your future? They are expensive places to stay, but boy, are they worth it!

In other cases, there are former celebrity homes that have been purchased by other people, but they still carry that star wattage — from the days of Sonny & Cher to historical times with the very first President of the United States, George Washington. In some cases, the properties have been made into museums and landmarks. Some have pools, one has its own private dance studio and many feature unique head-turning architecture. From Golden Age of Hollywood stars to pop sensations, there are plenty of cool places to rent. If you’re more into literary icons, Airbnb has the homes of several legendary writers. Maybe you can find some inspiration when you’re staying at their historic homes. Some of these homes are located in California, but there are a few in far-flung destinations, like Accord, New York, King and Queen County, Virginia, and Montgomery, Alabama.

Whichever one you pick; you can feel like you’re one of the rich and famous while you’re relaxing on your vacation. (And please let us know if you decide to pick the Hawaiian locale favored by Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie’s families — it’s spectacular!)

A version of this article was first published in March 2021.

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