The cast of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show,' then and now

by Sarah Long
May 17, 2016 at 6:38 p.m. ET

Not the dance, silly. We're going back in time to check out the 1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show cast.

1/19 :Susan Sarandon: Then

Back then, Sarandon was shivering with antici... pation of her huge career to come.

2 /19: Susan Sarandon: Now

2/19 :Susan Sarandon: Now

I think we know who Sarandon is voting for this election season.

3/19 :Tim Curry: Then

Curry was a sexy beast as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

4 /19: Tim Curry: Now

4/19 :Tim Curry: Now

Curry at a Tony Awards party in 2015.

5/19 :Barry Bostwick: Then

Bostwick made Brad Majors adorkable before it was even a word.

6 /19: Barry Bostwick: Now

6/19 :Barry Bostwick: Now

Hello, blue eyes! Bostwick at a red carpet event in 2015.

7 /19: Richard O'Brien: Then

7/19 :Richard O'Brien: Then

No one else could have done the justice to Riff Raff that O'Brien did.

8 /19: Richard O'Brien: Now

8/19 :Richard O'Brien: Now

O'Brien performing in a 2015 production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in London.

9/19 :Patricia Quinn: Then

Quinn's style was on point as Magenta.

10 /19: Patricia Quinn: Now

10/19 :Patricia Quinn: Now

Quinn (pictured here on the right) is still rockin' an amazing sense of style today.

11/19 :Nell Campbell: Then

Campbell's Columbia outfit and makeup are what dreams are made of.

12 /19: Nell Campbell: Now

12/19 :Nell Campbell: Now

Campbell at a The Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th anniversary screening in 2015.

13 /19: Jonathan Adams: Then

13/19 :Jonathan Adams: Then

Adams played the straight man, rival scientist Dr. Everett V. Scott.

14/19 :Jonathan Adams

After a long career as an artist, Adams died in 2005.

15/19 :Peter Hinwood: Then

There are only three words for Hinwood in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Sexy, sexy, sexy.

16/19 :Peter Hinwood

Hinwood told People he couldn't act, so he quit. With a body like that, did he need to be able to?

17/19 :Meat Loaf: Then

Meat Loaf parlayed his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show into a particularly tasty rock opera career.

18 /19: Meat Loaf: Now

18/19 :Meat Loaf: Now

Meat Loaf (pictured here with Criss Angel) is still making magic today.

19 /19: Don't die of antici... pation

19/19 :Don't die of antici... pation

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