A look at Kim Zolciak's changing appearance over the years

by Sarah Long
Jul 6, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

She's one of the glammest housewives of them all, but how much has she changed over the years?

1/17 :'90s Kim

In this circa 1997 photo, a 19-year-old Kim looks adorable with her daughter, Brielle.

2 /17: 2008

2/17 :2008

When we first met Zolciak on Season 1 of RHOA, she was sporting her blond wig and dark eyebrows. Despite the hairpiece and heavy makeup, Zolciak's look was fairly natural.

3 /17: October 2009

3/17 :October 2009

Kim stepped out with her makeup stripped down a bit and looking super-bronzed.

4 /17: RHOA Season 3

4/17 :RHOA Season 3

During the course of RHOA's third season, Zolciak wasn't afraid to be seen with a much more pared-down look.

5 /17: November 2010

5/17 :November 2010

Not much later, Zolciak made an appearance at Millions of Milkshakes with a super-plumped up pout.

6 /17: April 2012

6/17 :April 2012

In 2012, Zolciak was starting the next chapter in her life with new hubby Kroy Biermann, and showing off her new baby bump.

7/17 :July 2012

Is it tricky makeup or Photoshop? We're not sure, but Zolciak's features were looking much more defined in July of 2012.

8 /17: February 2013

8/17 :February 2013

In 2013, Zolciak was going makeup-free more often because her priorities had shifted to her expanding family, but she still had enough time to keep herself looking great.

9 /17: November 2013

9/17 :November 2013

In November of 2013, Zolciak was glowing. Even at nine months pregnant, with twins, she wasn't afraid to strike a pose.

10/17 :May 2014

The mother of six was looking svelte again just months after giving birth to her twins.

11 /17: July 2014

11/17 :July 2014

Zolciak posted a photo of herself looking extremely toned, sparking speculation that she had undergone a tummy tuck, which she later confirmed.

12 /17: February 2014

12/17 :February 2014

Zolciak looks beautiful in this Instagram post, but much different than when we first met her seven years ago.

13 /17: March 2015

13/17 :March 2015

Zolciak shocked fans with this photo of herself showcasing an impossibly small waist and promoting the use of a waist trainer.

14 /17: September 2015

14/17 :September 2015

During her time on Dancing with the Stars, Zolciak looked more youthful than ever.

15/17 :April 2016

Looking super slim (and even more like a Barbie) while promoting anti-bloating tea on the 'Gram.

16/17 :May 2016

Zolciak looks much younger than her 38 years when posing at her birthday party.

17/17 :July 2016

Just kidding -- these doe eyes are a Snapchat filter, but with the glamorous Zolciak, you never know.

Originally published March 2015. Updated July 2016.