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Kirk Cameron has caused controversial debates many times — 15, to be exact

Kirk Cameron used to be the most likeable guy on television. His role as Mike Seaver on Growing Pains was universally loved, and posters of his smiling face graced almost every teenage girl’s bedroom walls in the ’80s. But then he started talking as Kirk Cameron the evangelist, and the Hollywood luster was gone. Instead of a smiling all-American teenager, Cameron has become a smiling proselytizer.

The problem is Cameron’s ideas on marriage, gender roles, education and evolution are pretty archaic — and they continually land him in the spotlight. Of course, that’s not necessarily bad for his brand. You see, Cameron has turned himself into something of a commodity, churning out Christian movies such as Unstoppable and Saving Christmas, in addition to going on nationwide Marriage Tours in which he touts the sanctity of marriage and doles out marriage advice. He even sells his own subscription coffee on his website,

With that degree of holier-than-thou-ness, it’s about time we did a roundup of the most ridiculous things Cameron has said.

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