Food Network Star Winners: Where Are They Now?

May 30, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. ET
Jason Smith, Tregaye Fraser and Eddie Jackson
Image: Food Network/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

We don't know about you guys, but we're total suckers for a good cooking competition. When done right, it's the perfect blend of high-stakes competition, seriously tough challenges, delicious-looking food and, of course, a dash of drama. And Food Network Star has it all — plus two hosts with some real chemistry. Don't believe us? Go watch a bloopers reel of Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay; we'll wait.

When all is said and done and a winner is crowned, if you're anything like us, you likely reach for your phone the second the finale ends, typing "what's (season winner name) doing now" or "(season winner name) Instagram" in the Google search bar to figure out what they've been up to since filming wrapped. We're here to tell you there's no shame in looking up every single winner from past seasons, either.

So, to make things easier, we did the work for you. Before Season 14 premieres at 9/8c on June 10, catch up on what every Food Network Star winner has done since nabbing that coveted title.

A version of this article was originally published in May 2016.

1 /14: Dan Smith & Steve McDonagh (Season 1)

'Food Network Star' winners Dan Smith & Steve McDonagh
Image: Food Network/The Hearty Boys

1/14 :Dan Smith & Steve McDonagh (Season 1)

2 /14: Guy Fieri (Season 2)

'Food Network Star' winner Guy Fieri
Image: Food Network

2/14 :Guy Fieri (Season 2)

3 /14: Amy Finley (Season 3)

'Food Network Star' winner Amy Finley
Image: Food Network/Shawna Krystek

3/14 :Amy Finley (Season 3)

4 /14: Aaron McCargo Jr. (Season 4)

'Food Network Star' winner Aaron McCargo Jr.
Image: Food Network

4/14 :Aaron McCargo Jr. (Season 4)

5 /14: Melissa D'Arabian (Season 5)

'Food Network Star' winner Melissa D'Arabian
Image: Food Network

5/14 :Melissa D'Arabian (Season 5)

6 /14: Aarti Sequeira (Season 6)

'Food Network Star' winner Aarti Sequeira
Image: Food Network

6/14 :Aarti Sequeira (Season 6)

7 /14: Jeff Mauro (Season 7)

'Food Network Star' winner Jeff Mauro
Image: Food Network

7/14 :Jeff Mauro (Season 7)

8 /14: Justin Warner (Season 8)

'Food Network Star' winner Justin Warner
Image: Food Network

8/14 :Justin Warner (Season 8)

9 /14: Damaris Phillips (Season 9)

'Food Network Star' winner Damaris Phillips
Image: Food Network

9/14 :Damaris Phillips (Season 9)

10 /14: Lenny McNab (Season 10)

'Food Network Star' winner Lenny McNab
Image: Food Network

10/14 :Lenny McNab (Season 10)

11 /14: Eddie Jackson (Season 11)

'Food Network Star' winner Eddie Jackson
Image: Food Network

11/14 :Eddie Jackson (Season 11)

12 /14: Tregaye Fraser (Season 12)

'Food Network Star' winner Tregaye Fraser
Image: Food Network

12/14 :Tregaye Fraser (Season 12)

13 /14: Jason Smith (Season 13)

'Food Network Star' winner Jason Smith
Image: Food Network

13/14 :Jason Smith (Season 13)

14 /14: Who Will Win Season 14?

Finalists Season 14 'Food Network Star'
Image: Food Network

14/14 :Who Will Win Season 14?