Soap characters who were played by multiple actors

by Kristyn Burtt
Apr 25, 2016 at 4:38 p.m. ET

Kate Mansi has already left Days of Our Lives and the search is on for a new actress to fill the big shoes left by the daytime star. Who will be the next Abigail Deveraux? Fans will have to wait, but here's a look back at few other famous replacements — some that were successful and others not so much.

1 /14: Malcolm Winters

1/14 :Malcolm Winters

Shemar Moore has played Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless on and off since 1994.

2 /14: Malcolm Winters #2

2/14 :Malcolm Winters #2

Family Matters star Darius McCrary came in to replace Moore for two years until Moore returned to the soap.

3 /14: Jennifer Smith

3/14 :Jennifer Smith

Lisa Marie was the first actress to play Luke Spencer's (Anthony Geary) former fiancée on General Hospital.

4 /14: Jennifer Smith #2

4/14 :Jennifer Smith #2

It's hard to imagine, but GH cast Roseanne Barr as the Jennifer Smith replacement.

5 /14: Jennifer Smith #3

5/14 :Jennifer Smith #3

If you thought Barr was a stretch, the third actress to play the character was Gilmore Girls star Sally Struthers.

6 /14: Eric Brady

6/14 :Eric Brady

Jensen Ackles was really good as Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives.

7 /14: Eric Brady #2

7/14 :Eric Brady #2

But Greg Vaughan really dug into the role when he took over on DOOL

8 /14: Abigail Deveraux #4

8/14 :Abigail Deveraux #4

Jillian Clare followed two sets of twins and Megan Corletto as Abigail Deveraux on DOOL.

9 /14: Abigail Deveraux #5

9/14 :Abigail Deveraux #5

Ashley Benson was the fifth actress to portray Abigail Deveraux on screen.

10 /14: Abigail Deveraux #6

10/14 :Abigail Deveraux #6

Kate Mansi is exiting her DOOL role, and the next actress will have big shoes to fill. 

11 /14: Victoria & Marley Hudson

11/14 :Victoria & Marley Hudson

Ellen Wheeler had a juicy and Emmy-Award-winning role on Another World as twins Victoria and Marley Hudson.

12 /14: Victoria & Marley Hudson #2

12/14 :Victoria & Marley Hudson #2

Replacements can be good or wacky, but Anne Heche nailed it as the twins with her own Emmy win. 

13 /14: Liza Colby

13/14 :Liza Colby

Marcy Walker made her mark as Liza Colby on All My Children.

14 /14: Liza Colby #2

14/14 :Liza Colby #2

Jamie Luner was fantastic on Melrose Place, but it wasn't a perfect fit on All My Children.