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These Celebrities Look So Much Alike, It’s Shocking


Most celebrities become famous for having some kind of unique “star” quality that helps them stand out in a crowd — but it turns out not all of them are truly one-of-a-kind. It’s not to take away from their talent or anything, but sometimes we seriously can’t tell certain famous people apart.

Don’t believe us? We found more than 50 celebrities who have true Hollywood lookalikes. It’s not just in the hair and makeup — some of these people are such doppelgängers, we might not be able to tell them apart if we saw them on the street. And we’re not the only ones who are aware of the serious twin status. One pair of celebrity lookalikes even posted a photo of themselves to Instagram with the caption, “Who’s who” — and the cute dancing twins emoji!

Another famous leading lady even used her doppelgänger on her holiday card to fool her family — a prank we can get behind, and also totally understandable, considering how much they resemble each other.

There’s something so satisfying about celebrity lookalikes, and some of them are particularly wild — you won’t believe who Kristen Stewart looks like! Click through to enjoy these pairs of celebrity lookalikes.

A version of this article was originally published in April 2016.

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