The Very Best Pictures of Prince Harry Through the Years

by Sarah Long
May 3, 2017 at 1:45 p.m. ET
Prince Harry
Image: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Prince Harry was obviously adorable growing up, but he was always kind of the cute little ginger and Prince William was the hottie. Somewhere along the line, however, that all changed.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when Prince Harry got so sexy, but, oh, it happened. Here's a photographic journey through the handsome prince's life.

Originally published April 2016. Updated May 2017.

1 /27: 1991

Princes Harry and William and Princess Diana
Image: WENN

1/27 :1991

A young Prince Harry visited Niagara Falls with his mother, Princess Diana, and brother, Prince William.

2 /27: 1995

Prince Harry, Princess Diana and Prince William
Image: WENN

2/27 :1995

Princess Diana and Prince Harry accompanied Prince William on his first day of school at Eton.

3 /27: January 1997

Image: WENN

3/27 :January 1997

Oh, you know, just hanging out with the Spice Girls and the deputy president of South Africa.

4 /27: September 1997

Young Prince Harry and Young Prince William
Image: WENN

4/27 :September 1997

The princes attend Diana's funeral at Westminster Abbey after her tragic death in 1997.

5 /27: 2001

Prince Harry at Eton School
Image: WENN

5/27 :2001

Prince Harry (in the upper row, second from right) and his Eton School classmates.

6 /27: 2003

Prince Harry
Image: Hockley/WENN

6/27 :2003

We all know how Harry loves him some polo action!

7 /27: 2005

Image: David Mepham/WENN

7/27 :2005

Harry and his teammates celebrate at the final of the Coronation Cup at the Guards Polo Club.

8 /27: March 2005

Image: Fabio Confessore/WENN

8/27 :March 2005

Clearly, Prince Harry had a blast on his annual skiing holiday in Switzerland with his brother and dad.

9 /27: 2005

Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth
Image: WENN

9/27 :2005

Prince Harry, the Duke of York and Queen Elizabeth II join in the festivities on National Commemoration Day.

10 /27: May 2006

Prince Harry
Image: Z. Tomaszewski/WENN

10/27 :May 2006

He was looking dapper in his bowler at the Combined Cavalry Old Comrades Parade held at Hyde Park.

11 /27: December 2006

Prince Harry and Prince William
Image: Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/WENN

11/27 :December 2006

The brothers announced a concert and memorial service to honor their mum on the 10th anniversary of her death.

12 /27: 2007

Prince Harry
Image: Anwar Hussein/WENN

12/27 :2007

Prince Harry says how do you do to a young girl at Wembley Stadium.

13 /27: January 2008

Prince Harry stationed in Afghanistan
Image: Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/ WENN

13/27 :January 2008

Prince Harry manned a 50mm machine gun aimed at Taliban fighters while he was posted in southern Afghanistan.

14 /27: 2008

Image: Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/WENN

14/27 :2008

He presented at the Woman's Own Children of Courage Awards at Westminster Abbey in 2008.

15 /27: 2009

Prince Harry and Prince William
Image: WENN

15/27 :2009

Prince Harry looks adorable as he gets some military helicopter training.

16 /27: 2010

Prince Harry
Image: WENN

16/27 :2010

He took time to meet with army cadets taking part in a final training session before heading on an expedition.

17 /27: 2011

Prince Harry
Image: Anwar Hussein/WENN

17/27 :2011

Prince Harry, shown here in naval attire, looks gorgeous in any uniform he wears.

18 /27: 2012

Prince Harry
Image: WENN

18/27 :2012

Seriously, look at that face.

19 /27: 2013

Prince Harry, Sir Richard Branson
Image: WENN

19/27 :2013

Prince Harry literally rubbed elbows with Sir Richard Branson at the 2013 Virgin London Marathon.

20 /27: 2014

Prince Harry
Image: WENN

20/27 :2014


21/27 :2015

Prince Harry chose this photograph with Battle of Britain veteran Tom Neil for his 2015 Christmas card.

22/27 :2016

Honestly, who doesn't love a man in uniform?

23/27 :2016

As he demonstrated on a recent trip to Nepal, Prince Harry is totally ready to have kids.

24 /27: 2017 Army vs. Navy match at Twickenham

Image: WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images

24/27 :2017 Army vs. Navy match at Twickenham

Don't ya just love a man who isn't afraid to bust out a tune in public?

25 /27: 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon

Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

25/27 :2017 Virgin Money London Marathon

Harry definitely has had a twinkle in his eye as of late. Maybe it's because of someone special?

26 /27: April 2017

Image: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

26/27 :April 2017

Harry's so good with kids. We totally predict a baby in his near future.

27 /27: Pin it!

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27/27 :Pin it!

Prince Harry through the years.