16 times Zayn Malik may have mentioned One Direction & Gigi Hadid on his album

by Tiffany Taylor
Apr 2, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. ET

"tRuTh" seems like it could reference One Direction, saying Zayn Malik had different goals than the band.

1 /15: Gigi Hadid?

1/15 :Gigi Hadid?

We wouldn't be surprised if Malik thinks Gigi Hadid is "the life of the party."

2 /15: One Direction?

2/15 :One Direction?

"BeFoUr" not-so-slyly references Four, the last album Malik made with One Direction.

3 /15: Gigi Hadid?

3/15 :Gigi Hadid?

Hadid posted a Snapchat video singing along to "TiO." Coincidence? We'll let you decide.

4 /15: One Direction?

4/15 :One Direction?

Out of all the songs on Mind of Mine, "tRuTh" seems to most directly reference Malik's time with the band.

5 /15: Gigi Hadid?

5/15 :Gigi Hadid?

Malik could be singing "dRuNk" to Hadid.

6 /15: One Direction?

6/15 :One Direction?

Malik spent four years in One Direction and likely considered moving on from the band "moving up."

7 /15: Gigi Hadid?

7/15 :Gigi Hadid?

As far as lost love goes, Hadid had public relationships with Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas before Malik.

8 /15: One Direction?

8/15 :One Direction?

This is another line in "tRuTh" that references Malik having different dreams or goals than the rest of 1D.

9 /15: Gigi Hadid?

9/15 :Gigi Hadid?

Would Malik follow Hadid anywhere? Probably!

10 /15: One Direction?

10/15 :One Direction?

"lUcOzAdE" sounds like it could be about Malik getting caught up in the limelight during his time with 1D.

11 /15: Gigi Hadid?

11/15 :Gigi Hadid?

These steamy "TiO" lyrics could be about Hadid, especially considering she posted a Snapchat video of herself singing the track.

12 /15: One Direction?

12/15 :One Direction?

These lyrics sound like they could be about one of the masterminds behind One Direction, like Simon Cowell.

13 /15: Gigi Hadid?

13/15 :Gigi Hadid?

Hadid has green eyes. However, Zayn's ex-fiancée, Perrie Edwards, has blue eyes. This one's a toss-up!

14 /15: One Direction?

14/15 :One Direction?

Thes lyrics also seem like they could be about Simon Cowell or one of the people behind One Direction.

15 /15: Gigi Hadid?

15/15 :Gigi Hadid?

The English translation of Malik's brief "INTERMISSION: FlOwEr" may be about his new love with Hadid.