11 Reasons Rob is the Kardashian black sheep

by Sarah Long
Mar 23, 2016 at 10:00 p.m. ET

The Kardashians usually stick together through thick and thin — except for Rob, who has no problem voicing his anti-Kardashian sentiments. Is he the voice of reason, or is he just battling his own demons? We don't know for sure, but here are some reasons why he mixes with the rest of his family like oil mixes with water.

1 /11: Kim bashing?

1/11 :Kim bashing?

We're not sure if Rob was poking fun at Kim's hair, making a statement about his sister's personality or if he was hacked, but this Instagram post insinuating that she is similar to Rosamund Pike's character in Gone Girl is a little off.  

2 /11: Anti-social media

2/11 :Anti-social media

Rob has a love/hate relationship with social media. He's deleted all of his posts and his entire Twitter and Instagram accounts on several occasions. His sisters and mother, on the other hand, are always extremely active when it comes to social media.

3 /11: Kim's wedding

3/11 :Kim's wedding

Rob was a no-show at Kim's nuptials with Kanye West in 2014. "Friends at the wedding expressed serious concern for him," a source told People magazine at the time, and another source said he was not "feeling like his usual self" during the pre-wedding celebration.

4 /11: His weight

4/11 :His weight

Rob has very publicly battled with his weight over the past couple of years and it's clearly affected him. Though his sisters have all come under fire for their appearance, they handle the scrutiny very differently than Rob.  

5 /11: Doesn't want their help

5/11 :Doesn't want their help

Even through their squabbles, the Kardashian sisters lean on each other through rough times, but Rob reportedly doesn't want his family to help him with his issues. "We've all been here to offer him help and he won't take it, so I don't have sympathy," Kim said on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  

6 /11: They can't fix him

6/11 :They can't fix him

Even if he did want their help, it doesn't seem like his family thinks it's within their power. "I want to fix Rob and sometimes you just can't," Kris Jenner said on an episode of KUWTK. "I have not not cried myself to sleep in so long that I don't even know what that's like," she continued.

7 /11: The show

7/11 :The show

For most of the Kardashian family, reality TV is life, but Rob just isn't into it. "I don't necessarily care about the show. I would rather film this — me doing what I do — than being around my family," Rob said in 2013, while promoting his sock business.

8 /11: Paparazzi

8/11 :Paparazzi

Rob was charged with battery and theft in 2013, after an altercation with a photographer who was trying to take pictures of him with his shirt off at the gym. Being that the paparazzi are pretty much the family's bread and butter, this kind of offense wouldn't really fly with the rest of the family.

9 /11: Lamar Odom

9/11 :Lamar Odom

When Khloé's marriage to Lamar Odom hit the rocks, Rob was devastated. Despite drug use and reports that Odom cheated on Khloé, Rob still idolized the athlete and felt abondoned when Odom went MIA.

10 /11: Social anxiety

10/11 :Social anxiety

"Rob has become very intorverted and has a kind of social anxiety," Khloé told Wonderwall in March 2015. Clearly not a family trait.

11 /11: Travel

11/11 :Travel

From the Hamptons to Thailand, the Kardashian crew is constantly traveling. Maybe it's a symptom of his alleged social anxiety, but Rob almost always opts to stay behind.