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‘Harry Potter’ fans, here’s how much it would really cost to attend Hogwarts

We’ve all dreamed of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at some point in our lives. Have you ever imagined how much it would actually cost in real dollars, though?

Harry Potter fan and Reddit user aubieismyhomie sat down and figured out the currency conversion of wizard money to U.S. dollars, just to see how expensive it would be to live the life of a wizard like Harry Potter.

Aside from all of the beautiful magic of patronus, potions and broomsticks, one has to realize that none of these luxuries would be possible without money. You would be surprised at the amount of money Harry spends throughout the entire series, considering he pulls gold coins — or galleons — out of his pockets quite often. Yet his hefty inheritance left by his deceased parents gives him the privilege to spend as he pleases.

This slideshow provides the exact conversion of currency, courtesy of aubieismyhomie, to show how much it would actually cost to attend Hogwarts when purchasing the necessities.

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