Man Crush Monday: 20 photos of Morris Chestnut through the years

by Sarah Long
Mar 7, 2016 at 4:06 p.m. ET

Morris Chestnut has been heating up big and small screens for decades.

1/19 :1990

Chestnut first hit small screens in Freddy's Nightmares, the creepy TV adaptation of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

2/19 :1991

His big break came in John Singleton's iconic Boyz n the Hood.

3 /19: 1992

3/19 :1992

He starred alongside Patti LaBelle and Vivica A. Fox in Out All Night.

4 /19: 1995

4/19 :1995

Chestnut played Bobby Zachs in the Steven Seagal flick Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

5/19 :1997

He was McCool in G.I. Jane.

6/19 :1999

He flashes that signature adorable smile as Lance in The Best Man.

7/19 :2001

He was commitment-shy Jackson in The Brothers.

8/19 :2002

As NBA star Tracy Reynolds in Like Mike.

9/19 :2004

Chestnut at the Los Angeles premiere of Ladder 49. He played Tommy Drake in the film.

10 /19: 2005

10/19 :2005

Chestnut played Top Buchanan, a member of a scientific team exploring an ancient cave, in The Cave.

11/19 :2009

He starred as Dave Johnson in the tear-jerking drama Not Easily Broken.

12 /19: 2010

12/19 :2010

Chestnut played Ryan Nichols in the ABC sci-fi thriller, V.

13 /19: 2011

13/19 :2011

He showed up as Luke for six episodes of American Horror Story's super creepy Murder House season.

14/19 :2013

He starred as Officer Paul Phillips alongside Halle Berry in The Call.

15/19 :2013

As Detective Marcus Williams in Kick-Ass 2.

16/19 :2013

Chestnut reprised his role as Lance — and showed off his moves in The Best Man Holiday.

17 /19: 2014

17/19 :2014

If all MDs are as hot as Chestnut's Dr. Prentiss in Nurse Jackie, you can find us at the nearest ER.

18/19 :2015

Chestnut seemed too good to be true as Dave in The Perfect Guy.

19 /19: 2016

19/19 :2016

Fast-forward to today, when you can catch Chestnut as Dr. Rosewood every Wednesday on Fox in Rosewood.