'Dirty Dancing' remake: The OG cast vs. the new cast

by Christina Marfice
Apr 6, 2017 at 12:15 p.m. ET

Dirty Dancing is set for a modern TV reboot. Here's what to expect from the new version.

1 /18: Old vs. new

1/18 :Old vs. new

ABC's three-hour special is a musical adaptation of the 1987 film.

2 /18: Directed by...

2/18 :Directed by...

Wayne Blair, who is known for The Sapphires and Septembers of Shiraz, will direct.

3 /18: Produced by...

3/18 :Produced by...

Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote Dirty Dancing based on her own childhood, will executive produce the reboot.

4 /18: Choreographed by...

4/18 :Choreographed by...

Andy Blankenbuehler, who appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, is choreographing the reboot.

5 /18: OG cast vs. new cast

5/18 :OG cast vs. new cast

The cast has also undergone some changes, including...

6 /18: Frances 'Baby' Houseman

6/18 :Frances 'Baby' Houseman

Abigail Breslin will play the lead role, originally held by Jennifer Grey.

7/18 :Johnny Castle

The iconic Johnny Castle role, originally filled by Patrick Swayze, will feature up-and-comer Colt Pratte.

8/18 :Lisa Houseman

Baby's outgoing older sister, Lisa Houseman, will be played by Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland.

9/18 :Penny Johnson

Penny, Johnny's dance partner, will be played by actress and dancer Nicole Scherzinger.

10/18 :Marjorie Houseman

Kelly Bishop's Marjorie Houseman will be played by Emmy winner Debra Messing.

11/18 :Tito Suarez

The charismatic bandleader at the Catskills resort will be played by Billy Dee Williams.

12/18 :Robbie Gould

Awkward star Shane Harper will play womanizing waiter Robbie Gould.

13/18 :Billy Kostecki

Beau Casper Smart will take the stage as resort staff member Billy.

14/18 :Neil Kellerman

Neil, the annoying-yet-kinda-adorable resort heir, will be played by Mad Men's own Trevor Einhorn.

15/18 :Max Kellerman

Law & Order star Tony Roberts will take on the role of Max Kellerman.

16 /18: Baby and Johnny

16/18 :Baby and Johnny

Prattes shared this photo of him and Breslin on set as Johnny and Baby.

17/18 :Chemistry

It looks like Breslin and Prattes have the chemistry needed for these classic roles. 

18 /18: Dip, Baby, dip

18/18 :Dip, Baby, dip

The two stars go in for the deep dip in this photo shared by Breslin.