30 Times the Duggars Enraged Everyone on Instagram

by Sarah Long
May 3, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET
The Duggar Family
Image: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Y'all, we're not trying to defend the Duggars or anything, but sometimes it seems like the fam can't catch a break on social media. Whether they're catching heat from fans or being hounded by trolls, there's always some group with pitchforks looking to skewer one Duggar or another. Obviously, sometimes they deserve it — but other times people get a little nitpicky. 

Here's a sampling of all the times the Duggars riled people up on the internet.

Originally published March 2015. Updated May 2017.

1 /30: Photo of miscarried baby

1/30 :Photo of miscarried baby

Jill Dillard posted a photo of her miscarried sister, Jubilee Duggar, that not everybody wanted to see.

2 /30: Cecil backlash

2/30 :Cecil backlash

Fans were not happy when Jessa Seewald turned Cecil the Lion's death into an anti-abortion platform.

3 /30: Josh still in the picture

3/30 :Josh still in the picture

Instagrammers were infuriated to see Josh Duggar front and center of this pic taken after the molestation scandal.

4/30 :Ben's shirt

Commenters were mad about Ben Seewald's anti-abortion shirt and the fact that he's throwing up "devil horns."

5 /30: Jim Bob & Michelle's anniversary photo

5/30 :Jim Bob & Michelle's anniversary photo

Fans were shocked at the ultra-young appearance of Jim Bob and Michelle in this 1984 throwback photo.

6 /30: Josh's birthday tribute to Anna

6/30 :Josh's birthday tribute to Anna

People were just not ready to see Josh smiling when he posted this photo after his scandal broke.

7 /30: Post-marriage PDA

7/30 :Post-marriage PDA

Fans were grossed out by an onslaught of kissing photos posted after Jill and Jessa married their husbands.

8/30 :More PDA

The world still hadn't taken to the Dillards' PDA a year later when they posted this picture on their anniversary.

9 /30: Terrifying animals

9/30 :Terrifying animals

Instagram users were disturbed by this video of Derick Dillard sledding directly into a small cat.

10 /30: Supporting Walmart

10/30 :Supporting Walmart

Many commenters were not happy to see Derick celebrate Walmart, which allegedly mistreats employees.

11 /30: Drinking apple cider

11/30 :Drinking apple cider

Followers blew a gasket after mistaking a bottle of apple cider for alcohol in this photo posted by Derick.

12 /30: Pro-life events

12/30 :Pro-life events

Jessa posted a series of snaps after attending an anti-abortion protest in Arkansas, causing controversy.

13/30 :Atheism

This post about atheism vs. organized religion got followers super-riled up in the comments.

14 /30: Premarital kissing

14/30 :Premarital kissing

Die-hard Duggar fans were appalled to see a photo of then-unmarried Duggar cousin, Amy, kissing her boyfriend.

15 /30: Holocaust comparisons

15/30 :Holocaust comparisons

Jessa turned stomachs when she used a Holocaust photo as a platform for her pro-life views. 

16 /30: MLK quotes

16/30 :MLK quotes

"He [MLK] wanted equal rights for ALL not just Christians," one user commented on this photo Josh posted.

17 /30: Israel's first Christmas

17/30 :Israel's first Christmas

Derick's followers freaked because the electrical sockets aren't babyproofed and the baby has a bruise on his eye.

18 /30: Creation debate

18/30 :Creation debate

This post promoting Jessa's YouTube got a raging debate started about creationism.

19 /30: Scam accusations

19/30 :Scam accusations

This pic posted by Jill had many former fans demanding to know where donations were really going. 

20 /30: Blanket training controversy

20/30 :Blanket training controversy

This pic of smiling Israel caused a huge fight about whether or not Jill is blanket training the baby.

21 /30: Throwing stones

21/30 :Throwing stones

A lot of followers felt Jill was being hypocritical when she posted this Bible passage.

22 /30: Religious war

22/30 :Religious war

This post by Jessa, along with its lengthy caption, launched WWIII in the comments section.

23 /30: Presidential campaigning

23/30 :Presidential campaigning

People who support the separation of church and state did not take too kindly to this post by Derick.

24 /30: Babywearing

24/30 :Babywearing

Followers were up in arms over Jill's allegedly incorrect babywearing in this photo.

25 /30: Babywearing, part II

25/30 :Babywearing, part II

This pic also sparked a heated debate about Jill's babywearing practice.

26 /30: Dad, the babysitter

26/30 :Dad, the babysitter

People freaked out over the caption of this pic in which Derick said he was "babysitting" his own child.

27 /30: Didn't pay it forward

27/30 :Didn't pay it forward

Fans were upset when Jessa didn't pay forward kindness in the Starbucks drive-thru.

28 /30: Baby in car seat

28/30 :Baby in car seat

Jessa just can't get a break. Followers were outraged about the dangers of leaving Spurgeon to nap in his car seat.

29 /30: Prayers for Orlando

29/30 :Prayers for Orlando

When Jessa posted her support after the Orlando shooting, she was slammed for her previously anti-LGBT stance.

30 /30: Mission work in Guatemala

30/30 :Mission work in Guatemala

After posting a pic of local jewelry sold to support their ministry, fans again questioned where the profits were going.