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16 Women Justin Bieber’s Allegedly Made Beliebers Since His Selena Gomez Split

Oh, Biebs. You can drive over sidewalks, pee in buckets, accidentally run over paparazzi (allegedly), get banned from China and be threatened with deportation all day, every day — but for some reason, we still think you’re kinda cute. And apparently we’re not the only ones.

Yes, most of still believe that Selena Gomez was Bieber’s forever love (as does he, probably), but it’s safe to say that he’s not going to stop dating just because Gomez doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. He’s constantly being linked to a new gorgeous woman, and if the rumors are true, he’s gone through a ton of ladies in an effort to get over his first love.  

Here’s a list of all the beauties he’s reportedly hooked up with since breaking up with Gomez.

Originally published August 2016. Updated August 2017. 

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