16 Women Justin Bieber's Allegedly Made Beliebers Since His Selena Gomez Split

by Lauren Kelly
Aug 17, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Oh, Biebs. You can drive over sidewalks, pee in buckets, accidentally run over paparazzi (allegedly), get banned from China and be threatened with deportation all day, every day — but for some reason, we still think you're kinda cute. And apparently we're not the only ones.

Yes, most of still believe that Selena Gomez was Bieber's forever love (as does he, probably), but it's safe to say that he's not going to stop dating just because Gomez doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. He's constantly being linked to a new gorgeous woman, and if the rumors are true, he's gone through a ton of ladies in an effort to get over his first love.  

Here's a list of all the beauties he's reportedly hooked up with since breaking up with Gomez.

Originally published August 2016. Updated August 2017. 

1 /16: Hailey Baldwin

1/16 :Hailey Baldwin

In early 2017, Bieber made his romance with Baldwin a pretty public thing by sharing photos of kissing her in a steamy club and cuddling with her on a restaurant couch. Baldwin returned the social media PDA by posting a picture of herself in what appears to be a Bieber headlock. Baldwin's father, Stephen Baldwin, totally denied the relationship (as many fathers likely would), telling TMZ they're just friends. Yeah, sure.

2 /16: Kourtney Kardashian

2/16 :Kourtney Kardashian

Rumors heated up in December 2015 when insiders revealed these two had been hooking up for some time. Fans went really nuts when Bieber posted a photo of himself getting cozy with a mystery girl on the hood of a car. People claimed the legs — which is all you could see of the mystery lady — looked like they belonged to Kardashian, and the photo's caption "Lord knows" caused theories to spiral out of control. Alas, Kardashian wasn't the lucky lady in the picture (you'll find out who it was on the next slide), and both stars coyly avoided relationship questions by claiming they were just friends. It was probably smart to keep any romantic feelings — if there were any — on the down low, since both Kardashian's baby daddy and sister Kim were reportedly furious over the rumored affair

3 /16: Jasmine Villanueva

3/16 :Jasmine Villanueva

Jasmine Villanueva: Now she was Justin Bieber's Instagram mystery girl in December 2015. It took a couple days for the world to discover it was Villanueva and not Kourtney Kardashian straddling Bieber on the hood of a car. Real Bieber theorists questioned the authenticity of the photo, though, claiming his disappearing hand indicated it had been photoshopped. So was Bieber just trying to make us think he was getting cozy with Scott Disick's ex? Some would think so, considering he captioned the picture "Lord knows." Tricky, tricky Biebs. 

4 /16: Cindy Kimberly

4/16 :Cindy Kimberly

We're pretty sure Bieber doesn't even actually know this girl, but Beliebers went green with envy when he posted an image of Cindy Kimberly for #WomanCrushWednesday with the caption "Omg, who is this?!" in December 2015. Apparently, the Biebs was blown away by her beauty, which isn't hard to believe — she's definitely a babe. Kimberly took to her own Instagram to express her feelings about the overwhelming Internet attention, saying, "I so do not know how to deal with this but I only have Instagram and Tumblr so whatever other stuff people are finding is fake." Hey, it looks like Kimberly is an aspiring model, so she can thank Bieber for the massive social media following he sent her way. 

5 /16: Adriana Lima

5/16 :Adriana Lima

Weeks after her divorce was announced in 2014, Bieber posted a picture of himself partying with Lima while at the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, the rebound and hookup rumors immediately hit the web. Us Weekly uncovered an insider who claimed the two were "hardcore flirting and dancing" and left the party together at 5 a.m. It took more than a year for Lima to set the record straight, but when she did, she shut the rumors down, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, "Anybody below 6 foot 7, you know how I call them? Friends." Ooooh, touché. #shortyproblems

6 /16: Ariana Grande

6/16 :Ariana Grande

Bieber surprised concertgoers by performing onstage during Grande's The Honeymoon Tour in April 2015. During the performance, things got a little touchy... no, no — let's be real — things got a lot touchy, with Bieber wrapping his arms around Grande and cuddling her from behind. At one point, the two were singing so close to each other it looked like they were going to kiss! Fans weren't the only ones left shocked. Grande's then-boyfriend Big Sean tweeted, "This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that." Later deleted, Sean's reps claimed the tweet was fake, but Grande and Sean split shortly after that, and Grande admitted the breakup wasn't that tough. Was Bieber to blame? Maybe girls just can't resist his boyish charm. 

7 /16: Kendall Jenner

7/16 :Kendall Jenner

Ah, yes. Another KUWTK sister joins the rumor mill. Speculation that these two were hooking up heated up shortly after Bieber and Jenner posed together for a sexy (and shirtless) Vogue photo shoot. Then, in April 2015, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram showing him holding Jenner from behind with his hand on her hip. There are still rumors the two were friends with benefits in the past, but Jenner has always insisted that Bieber is a close family friend and neighbor, and strictly that. Plus, there's no way these two are a pair because they didn't even get a shipping name — Kendustin? Jusdall? Nothing really rolls off the tongue. 

8 /16: Jayde Pierce

8/16 :Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce: She's a British model, makeup artist and blogger who reportedly caught Bieber's eye with her very revealing Instagram pictures. Pierce was first added to the Bieber rumor mill when they were spotted together in May 2015. Apparently, Bieber had contacted Pierce via Instagram, and after chatting for a bit, flew her out to Los Angeles for some bonding time. During an interview, Pierce insisted the two just hung out and cuddled, claiming he's a tactile guy, but then she was caught accompanying him on his Bora Bora vacation in October 2015. Who knows if the two did more than hang, but there's no doubt at this point that Biebs likes surrounding himself with stunners. 

9 /16: Kylie Jenner

9/16 :Kylie Jenner

Oh, it seems Bieber can't step out with anyone without the world assuming it's a date. Before Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, Bieber was supposedly getting closer and closer to Kylie Jenner, even taking her out to a romantic hot spot called The Rainbow Bar in May 2014. Now, let me clarify a few things: One, I've been to The Rainbow Bar and it is neither romantic nor hot — it's an iconic place suited for a fun drinking night, but if a guy was trying to whisk me off my feet, this wouldn't do the trick. Two, the pair wasn't alone; they were meeting the founder of a photo-sharing app, and we all know that Kylie likes her selfies. So sure, some are still suspicious these two dated at one point, but I call this business and suggest we move on.

10 /16: Lira Galore

10/16 :Lira Galore

Lira Galore has experience dating eligible bachelors in the music industry, having been linked to Drake for a short time in the past, but rumors in March 2015 suggested she had moved on when she was spotted partying with Bieber for his 21st birthday. Reports claimed Bieber was surrounded by beautiful women (and if you've read this slideshow carefully, that's not hard to believe) but that his focus fell mainly on Galore. Of course, many sites immediately started calling her his new girlfriend, but we haven't seen these two hang out much since. Call it a one-night fling or just a night out on the town, but the romantic rumors didn't last long. 

11 /16: Shanina Shaik

11/16 :Shanina Shaik

Let's add another Victoria's Secret model to the list. Shaik and Bieber were rumored to be dating after spending time together on a yacht in Ibiza in 2014, and then partying it up in Las Vegas in May 2015. Both shared photos of themselves arm-in-arm on social media (Bieber has since deleted his), and Shaik publicly thanked him for an amazing weekend. But whatever lust they felt in the moment didn't last long. The Daily Mail claims Shaik told OK! magazine that Bieber just loves the ladies. Now that's not hard to believe. 

12 /16: Yovanna Ventura

12/16 :Yovanna Ventura

According to Hollywood Life, Bieber discovered Ventura on Instagram in early 2014 (this seems to be a trend) and invited her to spend time with him while he was in Miami. Fans were first introduced to the model when Bieber shared an intimate photo of the pair, but by that time, Ventura had reportedly been telling friends they were dating for five months. An insider claimed that Ventura was very shy and didn't want anyone to know about her relationship with Bieber, but after some time, he insisted on helping her move up the modeling ranks. No doubt his brand could help anyone's career, but it wasn't just the perks Ventura was interested in. Supposedly, she had been a fan for years and even had posters of him in her room growing up. Well, talk about a Belieber's dream come true! They don't appear to be together anymore, but she has 3.5 million Instagram followers to console her.

13 /16: Sophia Bush

13/16 :Sophia Bush

There's not much to this rumor except the fact that people love Sophia Bush, and fans would love to see Bieber nab her right up. The two snapped a photo while attending his manager Scooter Braun's wedding in July 2014. Sure, many of us didn't know they were friends, and Bush is holding Bieber in quite a tight embrace, but it looks more friendly than romantic to me. The two haven't been spotted together since, so I think it's safe to say this one's a friend, not a girlfriend as many rushed to assume

14 /16: Can't forget Selena Gomez

14/16 :Can't forget Selena Gomez

I don't even know where to start with this one, but he's definitely dated Gomez since splitting with her... and there have been so many breakups.

Bieber's relationship with Gomez, his most serious (and real) girlfriend, officially started when he was only 16 years old. The two first called it quits in November 2012 but were rumored to be back together by April 2013. The relationship continued on and off for years — seriously, we could barely keep up — but Gomez confirmed they had officially split after performing "The Heart Wants What It Wants" at the American Music Awards in December 2014. This is when Bieber started posting photos with his rumored current girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin.

In January 2014, Gomez was reportedly dating Zedd. In November 2015, Bieber admitted to still loving Gomez, and later that month, he was caught serenading her by singing "Sorry" and "My Girl" at a Los Angeles hotel. Were they on again? Just friends? No one knew, but I think it's safe to say that by now, they have split once and for all. 

15 /16: Sofia Richie

15/16 :Sofia Richie

This one's a doozy. So, this all started less than a week after Bieber was spotted hanging out nude with a bunch of bikini-clad models in Hawaii last summer. His rumored girlfriend at the time, Sahara Ray, was there. Anyway, Sofia Richie and Bieber were photographed in Laguna Beach holding hands and climbing rocks and getting cozy. (At this point, we were like, look away, Lionel!) Then they were spotted in Los Angeles hiking together — and, again, looking cute and comfortable with each other. At this point, fans started hating on her and his Instagram posts about her, so what did he do? He deleted his Instagram account. Not just because of the fan hate, but because Selena Gomez also made a comment about how he shouldn't be upset over the fan feedback if he's going to make his relationship so public. Needless to say, the relationship didn't last long, and he was spotted with rumored girlfriend Bronte Blampied. Oh, to be Bieber.

16 /16: Luciana Chamone

16/16 :Luciana Chamone

Bieber's latest rumored victim fling was a gorgeous Brazilian model Luciana Chamone. The two were canoodling after Bieber's show in Brazil in late March 2017, and Chamone allegedly spent the night with Bieber that evening.