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Bobby Flay’s Daughter Sophie Flay Is Kind of Amazing

Is there a father-daughter duo cuter than Bobby and Sophie Flay? We’d like to argue that no, there is not. 

There’s no denying that chef Flay is a mega-celeb and has had his fair share of tabloid headlines, but for the most part, he keeps his private life pretty private when he’s not heating things up in any of the many Food Network kitchens he finds himself in regularly. It’s safe to say that the man might just be happier cooking up delightful creations in the kitchen than airing his dirty laundry in the press, which we’re definitely not opposed to. But when it comes to getting to know him on a personal level, it still feels like we know so little because, well, he reveals so little. 

So, when there’s an opportunity to learn a little about his family life, we’re all in. It’s clear that the love between Flay and his daughter is real, and they couldn’t be more adorable. Though Sophie isn’t quite a celeb yet, we’re pretty sure she’s destined for greatness. Whether she’s flaunting a feminist tee or cheerfully rooting against her dear old dad on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, she seems like a pretty awesome person. 

Here’s a little about her.

A version of this article was originally published in August 2017.

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