Man Crush Monday: 18 photos of 'Duck Dynasty' bearded hunk Jep Robertson

by Sarah Long
Feb 15, 2016 at 5:05 p.m. ET

Robertson is our #MCM because he isn't just hot, he's also a good dad with a fun-loving spirit.

1/17 :Throwback

"He stole my heart with his shy but witty personality," Jep's wife Jessica captioned this pic.

2/17 :Way back when

This pic throws it back to before these two were even dating.

3 /17: Together forever

3/17 :Together forever

There is a baby face under that beard.

4 /17: Instagram newbie

4/17 :Instagram newbie

Robertson's first Instagram pic is a selfie of himself watching the crazy return of The Walking Dead Season 6.

5/17 :Food fun

Robertson messes around with his son Gus before dinner.

6 /17: Colorful family

6/17 :Colorful family

"What's Phil's thinking..... Something's not quite right!" [sic] Jessica captioned this funny pic.

7 /17: 'Star Wars' fans

7/17 :'Star Wars' fans

Gus looks beyond adorable in his C-3PO onesie.

8/17 :'80s party

The Robertsons looked radical for the '80s bash they had in honor of daughter Lily turning 13 years old.

9/17 :Super baby

We love the proud look on Robertson's face as he holds Gus.

10/17 :On Broadway

The crew posed for a photo after taking in a showing of Wicked in New York City.

11/17 :Santa, baby

Look at Jep, rockin' the heck out of that onesie.

12/17 :Pizza man

According to his wife, Robertson makes a mean pie, and even makes the dough and sauce from scratch.

13 /17: Doting husband

13/17 :Doting husband

Robertson surprised Jessica with a gorgeous tennis bracelet for her birthday.

14 /17: And doting dad

14/17 :And doting dad

Spending some quality time with his kids, Lily and River.

15 /17: Raggedy Jeppy

15/17 :Raggedy Jeppy

He really does seem game for almost anything.

16/17 :Cornrows

Looking for Jep Robertson, but only seeing Kenny Powers.

17 /17: Sharp-dressed man

17/17 :Sharp-dressed man

He's not looking too shabby in that suit.